Every Instagram Account ‘Fixer Upper’ Fans Should Definitely Follow

If you’re still looking for ways to fill the Fixer Upper-shaped hole in your heart, we’re right there with you. Even if you’re still watching reruns anytime they pop up on HGTV, you may be craving more design inspiration from Chip and Joanna Gaines. Well, thanks to social media, you can definitely get your fix more often than you may have realized. From “Magnolia-certified accounts” to personal friends of the family, here’s every Instagram account you have to follow.


Magnolia | Magnolia via Instagram

It doesn’t get more Fixer Upper than following Magnolia’s official Instagram account. This page is truly all-things Magnolia — most of which you’ll likely remember fondly from HGTV. It includes all of Chip and Joanna’s businesses in Waco, Texas, such as Magnolia Market, Magnolia Table, Magnolia Realty, Magnolia Design, and Silos Baking Co.

Magnolia Design and Construction


If you’re looking for more behind-the-scenes looks into what it takes to fix up a home, the Magnolia Design and Construction Instagram account is for you. You’ll definitely feel like it’s demo day all over again, as you’ll get looks at before, after, and in-progress pictures of renovations.

Harp Design Co.

Harp Design Co.
Clint Harp | Harp Design Co. via Instagram

Let’s be honest: It isn’t Fixer Upper if Clint Harp isn’t involved. The fan-favorite craftsman from the show has his own business, Harp Design Co., which has been featured on the show. The company has its own Instagram account, where you can fall in love with even more of Harp’s one-of-a-kind pieces made from hand.

Magnolia Realty

While watching Chip and Joanna transform a home is amazing to see, nothing quite beats seeing that finished product at the end. Luckily, the Magnolia Realty Instagram account can fulfill that same feeling by getting to see tons of homes renovated and restored by the Gaineses. It’s actually even better, because you could realistically buy one of these Magnolia-designed homes for yourself.

Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines
Chip and Joanna Gaines | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

If you’re not already following Joanna on Instagram, you should change that right now. One of the things Fixer Upper fans loved most about watching the show was catching glimpses into the Gaineses real lives. Joanna often shares personal, everyday-type shots, including photos of her family (like her youngest baby, Crew). Plus, she often posts photos of her latest business ventures and inspirational messages.

Chip Gaines

You had to have known Chip’s account was coming next, right? Just like on Fixer Upper, Chip’s Instagram page is always there to provide some laughs and good times. He often posts videos of himself either speaking directly to fans or of his dance moves, but either way, it’ll leave you smiling.

Clint Harp

Clint Harp and Joanna Gaines
Clint Harp and Joanna Gaines | Clint Harp via Instagram

Yes, we know we already advised following Harp Design Co. However, Harp also has his own personal account that’s definitely worth giving a follow. On top of inside-looks at his latest work, you can get to know his family and even catch more photos with Chip and Joanna.

Bless’er House

This account may not have anything to do with Chip and Joanna’s businesses, but it looks like it could be. Bless’er House is run by one of Joanna’s favorite bloggers, and her farmhouse style will give you those Fixer Upper vibes you’re craving.