Every One of Robert De Niro’s Most Ruthless Donald Trump Tirades

Robert De Niro really doesn’t like Donald Trump. If that was not clear enough already, the actor once again made his feelings evident at the 2018 Tony Awards, during which he took the stage and slammed the commander-in-chief with some shocking vulgarity.

However, this was hardly his first time doing so. In fact, De Niro has been going off on Trump for literally years now. Here’s a look at some of the actor’s most vicious anti-Trump statements.

1. His rant while filming an October 2016 ad

Robert De Niro posing on a red carpet.
It’s safe to say that he didn’t vote for Trump. | Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Nobu Hotel Miami Beach
  • “He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig.”

In October 2016, De Niro went on an extended rant against Trump while filming an election ad. This rant did not actually appear in the ad itself. However, the outtake was later released.

Not only did De Niro say that Trump is a “punk” and “blatantly stupid,” but he also said he wanted to punch him in the face. Here’s De Niro’s rant via Entertainment Weekly:

“He’s so blatantly stupid. He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, a bullsh*t artist, a mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, doesn’t do his homework, doesn’t care, thinks he’s gaming society, doesn’t pay his taxes. He’s an idiot. Colin Powell said it best: He’s a national disaster. He’s an embarrassment to this country. It makes me so angry that this country has gotten to this point that this fool, this bozo, has wound up where he has. He talks how he’d like to punch people in the face? Well, I’d like to punch him in the face. This is somebody that we want for president? I don’t think so.

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2. His speech at an anti-Trump rally

Robert De Niro behind a podium.
He isn’t afraid to speak his mind. | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
  • “He’s a bad example of this country, this city.”

De Niro hates Trump so much that he showed up at an anti-Trump rally in New York City in January 2017.

In a speech at the event, De Niro joked that he’s glad to be there with his “overrated” friends, referring to Trump’s recent statement that Meryl Streep is overrated. He proceeded to read a series of mock Trump tweets. But he got a bit more serious at the end.

De Niro said:

“Just like our Founding Fathers, you can love our country and not love everything about it. That’s understandable. You can love your city, as I do, and not love everything about it, either. That may have been what I was thinking about when I said I wish you-know-who would leave this city. I don’t care where he goes. I just never thought he’d go to Washington. He’s a bad example of this country, this city…We’re all rooting for the new administration, of course, to abandon the divisive, racist, misogynist, ignorant plans it’s trumpeting and lead us with intelligence and compassion. Whatever happens, we Americans, we New Yorkers, we patriots, will stand united for our rights and the rights of our fellow citizens.”

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3. His speech at the Chaplin Award Gala

De Niro making as speech at an event.
De Niro addresses Trump quite often. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images
  • “I hope we’re not keeping out the next Chaplin.”

In May 2017, at the Lincoln Center’s 44th annual Chaplin Award Gala, De Niro used his speech as an opportunity to once again slam the president.

De Niro criticized what he called the Trump Administration’s “mean-spiritedness towards art.” He said:

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because of our government’s hostility towards art. The budget proposal, among its other draconian cuts to life-saving and life-enhancing programs, eliminates the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. For their own divisive political purposes, the administration suggests that the money for these all-inclusive programs goes to rich, liberal elites. This is what they now call an alternative fact. I call it what it is: bullsh*t.”

In addition, De Niro added that Charlie Chaplin was “an immigrant who probably wouldn’t pass today’s extreme vetting. I hope we’re not keeping out the next Chaplin.”

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4. His interview with Deadline

De Niro on stage during a panel.
He was brutally honest during an interview. |  Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
  • “If he was smart, he’d be even more dangerous.”

In August 2017, De Niro once again went off on Trump during an interview with Deadline. “If he was smart, he’d be even more dangerous,” De Niro said of Trump. “He’s dangerous as it is. He’s terrible, and a flat-out blatant racist and doubling down on that, and it’s good that he does because he’s going to sink himself.”

Later in the interview, De Niro once again criticized Trump, saying, “we’re at a crisis in this country with this fool, who never should have gotten into the position that he’s in.”

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5. His speech at the Hudson River Park Gala

Robert De Niro smiling on a red carpet.
He definitely doesn’t approve of Trump’s views.  | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
  • “F*ck you, Donald Trump.”

In October 2017, De Niro was honored at the Hudson River Park Gala and had a bench named after him. At the event, De Niro once again called out Trump in a speech.

De Niro simply said, “One of my pleasures will be keeping people off my bench who don’t deserve a view of the park like Donald Trump. F*ck you, Donald Trump. It’s a horror with this motherf*cker.”

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6. His speech at the National Board of Review Awards Gala

Robert De Niro attends the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival.
De Niro always makes a good speech. | Ben Gabbe/Getty Images
  • “This guy is a f*cking fool. Come on.”

In January 2018, De Niro introduced Meryl Streep at the National Board of Review Awards Gala. Streep had just recently starred in The Post.

De Niro said:

“At the time of the story [of The Post], Donald Trump was suffering from ‘bone spurs.’ Today, the world is suffering from the real Donald Trump….This f*cking idiot is the president. It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes. The guy is a f*cking fool. Come on…”

De Niro went on to call Trump the “jerk-off in chief,” saying that he has put the press under siege and joking that he makes Richard Nixon’s administration look like “the good old days.”

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7. His speech at the Tribeca Film Festival

Robert De Niro making a speech on stage.
The actor seems to have Trump on his mind. | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

[A picture of Robert De Niro]

  • “America is being run by a madman…”

Yet another instance of De Niro insulting Trump in a speech came at the Tribeca Film Festival’s press luncheon in April 2018. “The country has had a bad year, and you, the press, have taken a lot of hits,” De Niro said. “America is being run by a madman who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it came inside a bucket of his beloved Colonel Sanders Fried Chicken.”

Then, De Niro told the journalists that their jobs are difficult enough “without being attacked by our Lowlife-in-Chief.”

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8. His speech at the 2018 Tony Awards

Robert De Niro speaking on stage.
He said exactly what he had in mind. | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions
  • “F*ck Trump.”

Most recently, De Niro went off on Donald Trump at the Tony Awards on June 10th, 2018. This time, he got right to the point. De Niro walked up to the microphone to introduce Bruce Springsteen, only to open by saying, “First, I wanna say, ‘f**k Trump. It’s no longer ‘down with Trump.’ It’s ‘f**k Trump.'”

Much of De Niro’s statement was bleeped out during the CBS broadcast of the show, so the audience at home had no clue what he had said at first. However, the remarks went out uncensored in Australia, and this uncensored clip later went viral.

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