Every Secret Chip and Joanna Gaines Have Revealed About Baby No. 5

Everyone’s favorite HGTV couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, are expecting their fifth child together. The Fixer Upper stars started off 2018 by announcing that Joanna is pregnant with baby No. 5. Fans of their hit show couldn’t be happier for them and immediately started congratulating them via social media.

This pregnancy though is something we should have seen coming since the pair has been dropping hints for months. Here are all the ways the Gaineses have been hinting at a pregnancy and all the other secrets they’ve revealed about their baby on the way. We’ll also take a look at what the nursery might look like.

They spoke recently about wanting more children

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines previously talked about wanting more kids. | HGTV

Fans might have seen this pregnancy news coming after Joanna talked a few months ago about wanting another baby or two, and she revealed that her kids want another sibling as well. “I would love to have another baby — or twins!” she stated. “The kids are always asking me, ‘Mom, can you have another baby?'”

In November 2017, Chip was on board too stating that now that their show is coming to end, it may be time to plan for some more little ones. “We had four babies right before the show started, and then we’ve had zero babies since the show started,” he said. “For me, I’m really excited to go back and try to maybe…try to make some more babies.”

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Joanna posted cryptic caption on Instagram

A screenshot of Joanna Gaines Instagram picture showing two benches on a dock in front of water

Joanna Gaines wrote this hinting caption about the new year. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Prior to the couple’s big baby announcement on Jan. 2, 2018, Joanna posted a cryptic caption to her Instagram account. “New year, new hope… Be expectant,” she wrote with a picture of a lake, adding, “There is just something about fresh faith and unwavering trust that brings life to our souls. May this be your best year yet.”

Fans are now speculating that she was trying to tell them something by using the words “new hope” and “expectant.”

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Chip dished on when the baby was conceived

Chip Gaines expressed his excitement on Twitter. | Chip Gaines via Twitter

After revealing their happy news, Chip took to Twitter to explain when he thought the baby was conceived.

“You might recall a few months back.. the ever amazing, ever romantic @JOHNNYSWIM was in Waco. And they put on a little too romantic of a concert.. anyways, one thing led to another, & we are officially pregnant,” he wrote. “And I could not be more EXCITED!”

Assuming Chip wasn’t joking about it being after the Johnnyswim concert, which took place in October, that would mean the little one is due sometime in July of 2018.

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Joanna has been craving ice cream and pickles

Joanna Gaines places her hand on Chip Gaines belly

Joanna Gaines has had some odd cravings. | Chip Gaines via Instagram

One thing we know for sure is that Joanna is craving ice cream and pickles, as her husband mentioned in a teaser video leading up to the big reveal. “Any time she asks for pickles on top of that ice cream, you know what that means,” Chip said.

In the clip, they also chanted “number five” for what we now know is their fifth baby.

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Joanna shared sonogram via social media

A screenshot of Joanna Gaines tweet about her pregnancy

Joanna Gaines says her husband is betting on a boy. | Joanna Gaines via Twitter

One day after they broke the baby news to all of us, Joanna gave us our first glimpse of her baby when she shared a video of the sonogram on Jan. 3, 2018. She also said that although they did know that sex at that time, Chip was convinced they were having a boy.

“Chip swears he can already tell it’s a boy,” she wrote. “Look at the little heartbeat!!”

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It’s a boy!

Chip gaines kisses Joanna Gaines on the cheek

Chip’s guess was accurate. | Chip Gaines via Instagram

On March 7, 2018, Chip’s prediction proved to be correct as he announced via Twitter that they were having a boy and his name would start with the letter “D.” Chip revealed the happy news with the help of a youngster named Gage while at a golf outing for the Tebow Foundation.

“We’re just about to have another little baby because Uncle Chip lost his mind … I can’t think of a ‘D name. Can you help me think of a ‘D’ name?” Chip asked Gage. “It’s a little boy and I need a ‘D’ name and so far, all I could come up with was Dragon, and she [Joanna] is like, ‘You are not calling that baby Dragon!'”

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Gray walls

Fixer Upper Bufton House Playroom

Joanna loves gray walls, for nurseries or play areas. | Magnolia Market

Whether it’s their farmhouse or most memorable fixer uppers, one thing’s for certain: Chip and Joanna love a gray wall. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if they painted the baby boy’s room a gray tone.

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White bedding

Fixer Upper Mid-Century Modern Nursery

White bedding is perfect for a nursery. | HGTV

If you take a look at some of the nurseries Joanna Gaines has decorated on Fixer Upper, you’ll notice she likes white bedding. Whether it’s solid white or mixed with hints of color, white crib bedding is definitely in the baby’s future.

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Fixer Upper Baby Blue House

We all know Joanna loves shiplap. | Magnolia Market

It’s no secret that Chip and Joanna love shiplap. In fact, Joanna has used it a handful of times in kids room makeovers. We’d be surprised if baby Gaines’ nursery doesn’t include a shiplap accent wall.

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Rustic accessories

Joanna Gaines doll house farm house

This dollhouse will be a sweet touch. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Joanna has a special talent for finding common home accessories with a rustic twist. Case in point: this gorgeous farmhouse dollhouse. From wall decor to toys, her baby’s nursery will be nothing short of rustic chic.

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Lots of tin

Windmill scrap metal Fixer uppper

Joanna loves adding rustic additions. | HGTV

Speaking of rustic accessories, we wouldn’t be surprised if she uses tin as a focal point in the nursery. Whether it’s an antique sign or whimsical mobile, it wouldn’t be a Gaines nursery without it.

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A wrought iron crib

Fixer Upper Girls Room Morgan Family

The wrought iron beds were an adorable touch. | HGTV

We’ve seen Joanna use wrought iron a few times and particularly loved the wrought iron twin beds in “the girls room” in the Mid Century Modestly Priced House. Perhaps she will draw inspiration from her past creation and incorporate a wrought iron crib in her nursery.

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