Every Secret Kenya Moore Has Revealed About Her First Baby

Any Real Housewives fan knows the reunion specials are not to be missed, because you might miss something good. Case in point: the Season 10 reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Per usual, it was reality TV gold, wrapped up in an hour-long episode chock-full of the ladies confronting each other over a season’s worth of smack-talking. But sift through all that shade, and you’re bound to find a couple of hidden gems worth knowing about. Kenya Moore’s pregnancy announcement, for example, is one such gem.

Curious to hear more? Good, because we’re running down a list of everything we know so far about Moore’s first baby.

1. Moore revealed she’s expecting during the Season 10 reunion

The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion special.

She announced her news during the reunion special. | Bravo

Leave it to Andy Cohen to ask the hard-hitting questions, like whether a housewife is pregnant. Because yes, he actually went there, and we’re not surprised. As we all know, there’s basically nothing the Bravo exec won’t ask, and people are more than happy to give him the answer he’s looking for.

So, when Cohen asked Moore about growing her family, she couldn’t help but answer honestly. (After all, lying to the fabulous Cohen seems irresponsible.) During the reunion special on April 8, 2018, Cohen came right out with it. And Moore’s response, of course, was shocking.

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2. The baby will arrive in late 2018

Kenya Moore smiling in a photo.

She’s excited about her baby. | Kenya Moore via Instagram

During the reunion, Moore said, “We will definitely be welcoming a boy or girl in late this year.” So, there you have it: Moore and her husband, Marc Daly, are expecting their first child together.

And while we don’t yet know the baby’s gender, it seems that Moore is thrilled to welcome her first child. Moore has said, “I want a healthy baby,” Page Six reported. And we hope that’s exactly what she gets.

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3. Her age is a cause for concern

Kenya Moore posing with her Husband, Marc on a red carpet.

There are concerns for her to be aware of. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Moore wants to be in a good place before divulging any more information, which makes perfect sense. Immediately after revealing her pregnancy secret, it seemed that even Moore, herself, was surprised by her candor, and for good reason.

Moore, who is 47, said, “Oh my God, I said that! I don’t want to talk about the details because I’m still very nervous about everything so I want to get past a safe place.” And we can’t blame her for wanting to get through the first trimester before saying much more.

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4. She’s wanted a family for a long time, and she’s hinted at IVF

Kenya Moore wearing a pink dress on a red carpet.

She’s working hard for the family she’s always wanted. | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Moore has never been shy about wanting a family. She’s long-talked about her desire to get married and have kids. And now, it seems the prep work she’s put in is finally coming to fruition.

In January 2018, Moore said, “We have been really upfront about wanting to expand our family, and we have definitely been taking the proper steps to try to make that happen.”

In 2017, for instance, the reality star was spotted at an IVF center in Barbados. So, we can only assume her pregnancy may have resulted from her IVF efforts, although we don’t know for sure.

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5. Moore didn’t use a surrogate for her first baby (but she may for her second)

Kenya Moore tweet response.

She is already considering using a surrogate for her next baby. | Kenya Moore via Twitter

When Moore said she and her husband will be “welcoming” a baby, her language clearly threw people off. Because she didn’t explicitly use the word “pregnant,” those who thought her answer was up for interpretation swiftly took to social media to find out more.

One fan, for example, suggested the couple might have a surrogate. But that’s not the case. And furthermore, even though she said they didn’t use a surrogate this time, the reality star hinted at the possibility of using one for her next baby.

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6. We may see more of her husband once the baby is born

Kenya Moore smiling while next to her husband, Marc.

He is slowly joining her public lifestyle. | Kenya Moore via Instagram

Any RHOA fan is all too familiar with Moore’s complex relationship. Having bounced around between a couple of different boyfriends throughout her tenure on the show, it seems she’s finally found the one for her. But for a long time, the question remained, “Who in the world is this guy?”

In June 2017, Moore and her then-secret significant other had a low-key wedding in St. Lucia. Her new husband, however, had no desire to be in the spotlight. Fast forward to Season 10, though, and he was slowly changing his attitude. Moore’s husband, Marc Daly, appeared on the show, which gives us hope that we’ll see more of him, and their relationship, once their baby’s born.

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7. Her castmates support her, but she didn’t always feel that way

Kenya Moore wears a yellow gown while sitting on a couch.

Things haven’t always been perfect among the cast. | Bravo

After the Season 10 reunion, Moore tweeted, “So sweet of the girls to be so happy for me. So blessed.” But apparently, she hasn’t always felt the loving support of her fellow Real Housewives. In fact, she’s admitted that she has felt bullied by them at times.

“That main thing that they always … bullied me about was me being single and me having no children,” Moore told Page Six. “So, now that obviously my life has turned around and I’m getting everything that I want and have ever dreamed of, I just think that they’re still stuck and they really just don’t want to be happy for me.”

So, will the ladies of Atlanta change their tune regarding Moore’s family status? Only time will tell.

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