Every Time Chip and Joanna Gaines Got Super Candid About Parenthood

Most fans of Fixer Upper watched the show for Chip and Joanna Gaines’ beautiful home renovations and adorable banter with one another. But one of our favorite aspects of the HGTV fan-favorite series was seeing how they included their entire family on the show.

The Gaineses are parents of five to Drake, Ella, Emmie, Duke, and their newest addition, Crew. Based on what Chip and Joanna have said about parenthood, we know their endearing family moments on Fixer Upper weren’t just for the camera. Here’s every time they’ve gotten super candid about raising their children.

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

On thinking about having baby No. 5

Fans of the Gaineses were shocked by the news of Joanna’s fifth pregnancy at 40. Even though Chip hinted at the unplanned nature of how baby No. 5, Crew, came to be, they’d actually been thinking about adding to the family for a little while.

In November 2017, Chip told ABC News, “We had four babies right before the show started and then we’ve had zero babies since the show started. For me, I’m really excited to go back and try to maybe … try to make some more babies.”

On diaper duty

In preparation for Crew’s arrival, Joanna admitted there were some aspects of parenthood she’d have to re-learn. One of those important requirements? Diaper duty. “We need to figure that one out again,” Joanna spilled to People. “I don’t even remember, but I do remember the blowouts and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I’ve gotta get my stuff together. It’s coming!”

On the difficulties of motherhood

We may have caught glimpses into the good moments of parenthood for Chip and Joanna on Fixer Upper, but they’ve gotten real about the struggles, too. Joanna detailed her experiences on Motherly in 2017:

Motherhood can be difficult. It’s not an instant gratification thing all the time. When your kiddos are just babies and you’re changing diapers or listening to whining constantly, it can feel overwhelming. But I want to encourage you, because one day you’ll be sitting around a table for your birthday breakfast and you’ll realize that their little hearts are thankful for you. And they do notice things like homemade meals.

On being honest with their kids

While Chip and Joanna have attested that open and honest communication keep their marriage thriving, the same goes for their relationships with their children. Joanna shared in an Instagram post in April 2017:

I explain that I have to work just like they have to go to school. I also let them know that what I’m doing at work that day — whether it’s filming the show or going into the office — and what time I’ll be home. Taking a few seconds to let them in on this other huge part of my life has really helped them understand that Mom and Dad have a big job to do.

On putting their children first

Chip and Joanna may have found major success with Fixer Upper, but they refused to let it cloud their judgement in raising their children. When they decided to end their run with the HGTV show, Chip explained their reasoning to Success magazine:

Our oldest [child], who’s 12, is becoming a teenager, and Jo and I just realized in our hearts that are much as we love Fixer Upper, as much as we love the honor that we have felt with this show basically introducing us to the country, if not the world, we want to make sure that we’re here for our family during really crucial, pivotal points in its journey.

On being open to baby No. 6

Despite some negative reactions the Gaineses received for their fifth pregnancy, that hasn’t stopped Joanna from being open to a potential baby No. 6. She admitted to People, “I joke with my friends that I’m going to be that 45-year-old who’s pregnant. Chip is such a kid at heart and we both love a big family. I’m open to whatever. I’m just having fun with it.”