The 1 Everyday Thing You’ll Never See a Royal Do in Public

The royal family is unlike any other family in the world. They have an abundance of rules and traditions that royals are expected to follow. While some things are perfectly normal to do and say in public, the royals must always behave a certain way, right down to their nail color. And there is one everyday thing you’ve probably never seen a royal do while around other people.

Royal family
The royal family on Christmas Day 2018 | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Queen Elizabeth has strict rules in place for how royals can act in public

What the queen says, goes. And that’s been the case for any monarch who has ruled in British history. For the most part, the queen’s rules were in place before she became the Sovereign ruler, but everyone in the royal family is expected to follow them. Royals must always look polished when they go out in public; you’ll never spot Kate Middleton wearing a pair of yoga pants while out, and don’t expect to see Meghan Markle or Prince William walking around in a dirty sweatshirt. The queen also has rules in place for nail color (colors must be subtle), but Meghan was spotted breaking this rule once before. Appearance and etiquette are extremely important in the royal family.

The rules have become a bit more relaxed for certain royals

Those who must follow the strictest royal rules are the ones who are closest in line for the throne. Growing up, Will and Harry had to always be on their best behavior, but other royals, such as Princess Eugenie, a cousin, didn’t have to follow such strict protocol. Today, Eugenie has an Instagram account, which other royals are not allowed to have (the Sussex and Kensington accounts are run through the royals’ teams). But now that Harry and Meghan are married, and Harry is much further in line for the throne, they’ve been able to relax a bit, too. They’ve started to shape their own royal lives and do things a bit differently than Will and Kate.

You’ll almost never spot a royal using a cell phone in public

One thing you do every day that you’ll never see a royal do? Take out a cell phone. While it’s common for normal people to text, call, and send emails anywhere at any time, the same can’t be said for a royal. Royals should not have their phones out in public, and they’re seen with them so infrequently that people have actually wondered if they even have phones (they do).

Meghan was spotted holding a cell phone back in 2018.

Of course, most of the royals have broken the phone protocol at least once in the past. Harry has been spotted taking photos on his phone at events, but it’s not something he usually does. And when Harry and Meghan were on their overseas trip to Australia, Harry was photographed with a phone clearly visible in his right pocket, and Meghan was snapped holding her phone next to her clutch. Neither of them were using the phones when the pictures were taken, though. Using a cell phone in public would likely be considered poor etiquette by the royal family, which is why it isn’t allowed.

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