Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Playing Middle Class

The gap of the rich and the poor is wider than ever in America, though it doesn’t stop those in lower income brackets from paying attention to famous millionaires. Even with the middle class a seeming light year away from the world of the rich, many of the former still watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Many of those people probably wonder if wealthy people like the Kardashians can really relate to those who only make $50,000 a year and similar income brackets. They may understand it a lot more than you think.

Whether they really do or not, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently posted a pic on Instagram that seems to display their understanding of living more humbly.

What was all the fuss about with Kim and Kanye’s Instagram pic?

We find it refreshing to see Kim and Kanye posting a pic of themselves (with their kids) posing in a middle-class environment. Their public wasn’t so kind to the shot of the two sitting at a normal-sized table within a traditional kitchen. In the shot, you see Kanye eating what appears to be a small bowl of cereal. Kim is seen sitting at right and watching her husband.

As you can see, the background shows a very plain kitchen design right out of suburbia. It still shows nice cupboard space, including the modern amenities you’d expect in any normal kitchen like a microwave and dishwasher.

A lot of people weren’t having it, though, as you see in the Instagram comment section. Was it a smart gesture, or just being pretentious?

What are their fans saying?

There shouldn’t be any surprise fans of the Kardashians and Kanye West would spout off on social media. Everyone’s willing to jump in and add their one cent’s worth when something controversial comes up.

General opinion was that they found Kim and Kanye’s photo stunt a bit disingenuous considering they have hundreds of millions of dollars and live like royalty. Others say it was a slap in the face to middle class families who live like this all the time and not just briefly for a photo stunt.

On the other hand, you’ll find a few who stood up for them spending time in a more humble environment. We forget Kanye came from lower to middle class roots when growing up in Chicago, something he’s reflected on in his rap songs. Kim has also had to work hard to earn her millions and not all from a silver platter.

Kim and Kanye have done middle class photography before

You might notice they’ve done these more humble photo sessions at other times. Some of the Instagram photos go back to 2017 and include their kids.

If you’ve wondered what the setting is for these pics, it’s actually a studio in Malibu belonging to Rick Rubin. Latter apparently designed part of the studio to resemble a middle class home in an ordinary suburban neighborhood.

Is this some kind of photography trend for wealthy people, or are they helping bring themselves back to their humble beginnings? Kim and Kanye aren’t the only ones doing this on Instagram.

The Biebers have also photographed themselves in middle class homes

Those of you who follow Justin and Hailey Bieber probably noticed similar photos on their Instagram accounts for a Vogue photoshoot. Some other celebrities have done the same, including the above design trend of creating rooms looking like grounded living spaces.

In our view, seeing celebrities celebrating middle class life is a good thing when opulence can only give millionaires temporary satisfaction. No doubt it feels good to them to hang around a more humble space for a while so they never forget where they came from.

Sometimes living in a smaller home is smarter when having dozens of rooms and unused property can be a waste and even a security risk. Maybe we’ll see celebrities start to live in smaller homes as they realize it doesn’t take anything away from having a good life.