Everyone Thinks Anna Duggar Just Dropped a Hint that Jill Duggar Could Be Pregnant Next

The Duggars have been in the public eye since 19 Kids and Counting first began years ago, and even the youngest members of the family are growing up fast. While many fan favorites, like Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna are featured on TLC’s current series, Counting On, there is a disgraced Duggar we’re likely never to see on TV again. Josh Duggar’s life is rife with scandal, as he sexually abused several young girls when he was a teen and was also caught having an account with infidelity website Ashley Madison. And it was his many scandals that led to 19 Kids and Counting‘s cancellation.

Even with Josh out of the picture, we’re still hearing a lot about his wife, Anna. Anna is now pregnant with her sixth child — and many think she also just hinted that Jill could be next in line for an upcoming pregnancy.

Anna Duggar is now preparing for her sixth child with Josh Duggar

There’s no doubt the Duggars love having kids, and Josh and Anna Duggar recently announced via Instagram that they’re expecting their sixth little one, Daily Mail Online notes. Many fans may be surprised that Anna has stuck by Josh’s side after all these years, but their marriage is seemingly going strong. While Josh admitted to a pornography addiction and infidelity in the past, Anna was able to help him get Christian counseling to salvage their marriage. Now that the happy parents are in their 30s and solidly past the strife of the past, it seems they’re ready for family expansion.

“We are so excited to announce that we are expecting a new little one! As we watch our children grow and thrive — we look forward to baby six joining us this fall!” Anna captioned her Instagram post. And it seems the rest of the Duggars are happy for them, too, as many of Josh’s siblings took to Instagram to congratulate the happy couple on the pregnancy.

Anna posted a photo to Instagram that’s causing a stir

Anna’s not the only Duggar who’s currently pregnant. Daily Mail Online notes four members of the family are expecting children. Right after Anna posted online about her pregnancy, Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin Forsyth announced they’re expecting, and Joe and Kendra Duggar are as well. That’s not to mention Jessa Duggar is due soon, and cousin Amy Duggar is also early on in her pregnancy.

Anna brought attention to the many pregnancies in the Duggar family with a throwback photo, too. She posted this photo to Instagram that shows her, Joy-Anna, and Jill all pregnant together in the past. “Currently, there are 4 Duggar sisters/sisters-in-law that have shared expectant baby news!” Anna captioned the post. “I wonder how many more new cousins will be announced before our little one arrives?!?!”

Could an upcoming pregnancy from Jill be possible?

The fact that Anna added a throwback photo of a pregnant Jill along with the question beckoning which Duggar could be with child next is giving fans suspicions that Jill could be the next one to announce a pregnancy. As one fan commented on Anna’s Instagram post, “Way to not-so-subtly imply that there are others who have fallen pregnant but are just waiting to announce.”

So, could Jill be having another baby soon? There’s no doubt Jill and husband Derick Dillard would love to expand their family, but it also might come with some risk. Jill had two notoriously difficult births that resulted in C-sections, and another pregnancy could prove to be even more difficult for the young mom. We wouldn’t be surprised if Jill and Derick opt for adoption instead, as they’ve also alluded to this possibility before and then would eliminate the childbirth risks.

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