Here’s Why Everyone Thinks Joy Anna Duggar Got Pregnant Before Her Wedding

Joy Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth in May 2017. Similar to her other siblings, she and Forsyth had a quick courtship and a quick engagement. Duggar gave birth to the couple’s first child shortly after. Although the family tends to have quick courtships and short engagements, some have speculated that Forsyth and Duggar may have been expecting before they tied the knot. Here’s why.

Joy-Anna Duggar
Joy Anna and husband Austin Forsyth | The Duggar Family via Instagram

Duggar and Forsyth moved up their wedding date

The young couple only dated for about three months before Forsyth proposed. But things had already heated up between the two as soon as Duggar said yes. The two actually shared a full-fledged, two-arm hug after the proposal, which is entirely unacceptable in Duggar dating culture. (Some might consider this the first hint that their romance wouldn’t follow traditional rules.)

Forsyth and Duggar had originally planned for an October 2017 wedding. However, the two were apparently so excited to wed that they, out of nowhere, decided to move their wedding up by five months. The oddest part is that they gave almost no notice. The news broke on May 18 that the two would be getting married on May 21. But why such a rush? Most people didn’t think much of it at the time, but less than nine months later, rumors began to swirl.

Duggar and Forsyth announced their son’s birth almost exactly 40 weeks after her wedding

Yes, people do have babies in 40 weeks. In fact, if Duggar had gotten pregnant on her wedding night, which is possible, then it would make sense that she had a baby in late February. However, when Duggar first announced her pregnancy, experts thought she looked to be about 20 weeks along — but she had only been married for 15. And when that baby arrived, people couldn’t help but think that the timing wasn’t right. It appeared that Joy Anna had actually gotten pregnant about a month before her wedding, based on her pregnancy timeline. Essentially, it looks extremely possible that Duggar may have gotten pregnant, found out a few weeks later, then quickly moved the wedding up five months in advance so nobody would realize she had gotten pregnant out of wedlock.

The Duggar family does not believe in birth control — or sex before marriage

If someone in 2018 got pregnant out of wedlock, nobody would judge them much. After all, the stigma surrounding babies before marriage has decreased by a lot in recent years. But the Duggars don’t believe in sex before marriage, so Joy Anna Duggar would have been doing a major disservice to both her family and God if she had gotten pregnant before tying the knot. The Duggars also don’t believe in birth control, though, so if Duggar and Forsyth had been intimate out of wedlock, it would be very easy to get pregnant. The Duggars have swept a few secrets under the rug in the past, so we can’t help but wonder if they’re hiding something. While we wouldn’t judge Duggar for being romantic with her partner out of wedlock, we’ve all thought about this possibility.

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