Everything John Cena and Nikki Bella Revealed About Their (Temporary) Split

WWE and E! fans were shocked when John Cena and Nikki Bella announced the end of their relationship. The split came just a few weeks before they were to be married. Now, the couple has reportedly gotten back together, although not before they spoke out publicly about their brief split.

Here is every significant thing Cena and Bella have said about the (temporary) end of their relationship, including Bella’s comments on reports that they are back together (page 9).

1. They said they still love and respect one another

Nikki Bella John Cena breakup statement

Their statement was formal and not revealing. | Nikki Bella via Instagram

On April 15th, Bella released a statement announcing the end of her relationship with John Cena. “After much contemplation and six years of being together Nikki Bella and John Cena announced today their decision to separate as a couple,” the statement read.

Bella’s statement went on to say, “While this decision was a difficult one, we continue to have a great deal of love and respect for one another. We ask that you respect our privacy during this time in our lives.”

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2. Cena posted a picture of a broken heart on Instagram

John Cena Instagram broken heart

He made his feelings pretty clear. | John Cena via Instagram

Cena actually seems to have begun commenting on his breakup before it was officially announced. On April 14th, he posted a picture of a broken heart on Instagram. At the time, nobody knew what that was about, but fans soon found out.

Cena also posted a Walt Whitman quote that clearly applies to his breakup. The quote reads, “We were together. I forget the rest.”

Next, Cena posted a picture of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons with the quote “Worst Day Ever!” Finally, he posted a quote that reads, “It’s not what you go through that defines you; you can’t help that. It’s what you do after you’ve gone through it that really tests who you are.”

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3. Cena tweeted about hardship and perseverance

John Cena Twitter quote

He shared some words of wisdom. | John Cena via Twitter

Not long after the news came out, Cena took to Twitter to post a statement that didn’t explicitly mention the breakup; however, that’s clearly what was he was talking about.

Cena wrote, “Hardship, loss, and humility are extremely difficult waters to navigate, but perseverance thru them builds a strength to withstand anything life throws your way.”

A few days earlier, Cena had also put up another tweet that in retrospect was obviously about the breakup. He posted, “Life is funny sometimes. One minute it’s kissing and hugging on you, the next it’s kicking ya square in the nugget bag. Moments make the journey and the powerful play goes on.”

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4. Bella posted a quote about letting go of the familiar

Nikki Bella Instagram photo beach

Wa she taking some time to relax after ending things? | Nikki Bella via Instagram

Bella herself put up a few interesting social media posts that definitely seem to be about Cena. Her first Instagram post after the breakup was a picture at the beach with the caption, “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.”

Most interestingly, Bella’s next post was of the quote, “Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.” This seemed to fit with the rumor that Bella was the one who called things off.

On April 21st, Bella was seen in public for the first time since the breakup, and she obviously wasn’t wearing her engagement ring.

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5. Cena said he wants to win Bella back

John Cena made it clear he wasn’t over her.  | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

A few weeks later, Cena appeared on Today and talked at length about the breakup for the first time. He said that he is heartbroken and was blindsided, confirming that it was Bella who ended the relationship.

Cena also said that Bella is still the love of his life and that he’s not moving on from her. “I don’t want anybody else,” he said. “…I don’t have any other hopes other than maybe one day that we can work it out.”

He also made clear that he is not enjoying the single life. “I am in my house alone surrounded by these emotionally strong memories,” he said.

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6. Cena said he still wants to get married and have kids with Bella

John Cena on WWE Raw

John Cena wants to marry Nikki Bella. l WWE

On Today, Cena also said that he still wants to marry Bella, and he wants to have kids with her. Famously, Cena and Bella had disagreed for years about whether to have children.

There have been a lot of reports that the reason Bella ended the relationship with Cena was that he didn’t want to have kids, although weirdly, Cena said on a podcast in early April that he has changed his mind and now wants to have kids.  However, he had made it sound like he was only doing so to make Bella happy, which reportedly upset her.

On Today, though, Cena sounded more enthusiastic, saying, “I still would love to marry Nicole. I still would love to have a family with Nicole.”

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7. Bella said they could get back together

John Cena and Nikki Bella arrive for the premiere of "Blockers" in Los Angeles, California on April 3, 2018.

John Cena and Nikki Bella both hinted at a reconciliation. | Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

It soon became clear that this breakup might not last very long. Bella herself told Entertainment Tonight, “John is such an amazing man. He really is the love of my life. I truly hope one day that we can work it out and get back together. I think there is hope.”

She went on to say that she hopes both of them live the rest of their lives happy. “Hopefully that’s together, maybe it’s not,” she said. “But right now, I’m just focusing on me and healing me.”

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8. What we’ve learned from Total Bellas 

Nikki Bella breaks up with John Cena

Nikki Bella breaks up with John Cena | E!

The third season of Total Bellas has revealed quite a bit about what went down between Cena and Bella.

Probably the most shocking revelation was that according to the show, they actually broke up in January 2018, long before they announced it to the public. The show also suggests that the reason they broke up was that Nikki realized she wanted to have kids, whereas John doesn’t.

Bella also said on the show that she felt like she needed to find herself, having spent too long making sacrifices for other people. The biggest sacrifice she was making, it seems, was nearly giving up being a mom so she could be with Cena.

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9. Bella said they’re now working things out

John Cena and Nikki Bella

John Cena and Nikki Bella | WWE Wrestle Mania via YouTube

On June 1, People and US Weekly both reported that Cena and Bella were officially back together.

“Nikki called off the wedding earlier this month so she could have more time to make a decision with what she wanted in life,” an insider said. “Calling off the wedding was the right decision at the moment and their relationship only grew from it.”

When asked about these reports, Bella confirmed to TMZ that she and Cena are in the middle of working things out.

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