Everything We Know About ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ So Far

After AMC’s Breaking Bad ended nearly six years ago, we’re headed back to Albuquerque and back into the bloody, twisted world of the show. Netflix recently announced that it would be releasing a movie based off of the show titled, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

The movie was written and directed by the show’s creator Vince Gilligan and will bring back some familiar faces Breaking Bad fans will recognize from the critically acclaimed series about a terminally ill chemistry teacher and his journey in creating a crystal meth empire. Details regarding the film are still emerging, but here’s everything we know about El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie so far:

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul | AMC

What is ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ about?

Netflix hasn’t provided too much information regarding the film’s plot. The streaming service’s logline reads: “In the wake of his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future.” The last time we saw Jesse Pinkman, played by actor Aaron Paul, he was escaping in a stolen Chevrolet El Camino after being rescued from an Aryan Brotherhood gang by his former partner-in-crime Walter White played by Bryan Cranston. Walter succumbed to his injuries and his disease as the police broke down the door.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will pick up from where the Breaking Bad television series left off.

Who will star in the movie?

Aaron Paul will return in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie to reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman. Charles Baker will also return to play Skinny Pete. Many fans have been wondering if Bryan Cranston will return to play Walter White. In November 2018, Cranston revealed in an interview that he would be thrilled to return to Breaking Bad in any capacity. “I don’t know if there’s an appearance — flashbacks, flash-forwards — but I’m excited about it because it’s Breaking Bad and it was the greatest professional period of my life and I can’t wait to see all those people again, even if I just come by to visit.”

According to Revenge of the Fans, a leaked cast list seemed to report that Cranston would in fact be returning to reprise his role as Walter White. It’s not entirely clear if he will be starring in flashbacks, but it could be possible that the finale of Breaking Bad was not as final as fans may have thought.

When will the movie come out?

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will first be released on Netflix on Oct. 11, 2019. It will also air on television on AMC, the network behind the original television series.