Everything We Know About Josh Duggar’s Real Estate Deal Gone Bad

Josh Duggar’s business has some shady dealings. At least, that is what one Arkansas landowner claims, and now he’s suing the eldest Duggar boy and his company. The legal proceedings are all going down in Arkansas, but have been kept pretty quiet up until now. In short, Josh is accused of illegally purchasing a piece of land that he’s done nothing with. The complainant is another Arkansas resident who alleges not only does he own the land, but that he’s been paying property taxes on it for more than a decade. He also lives in the area in question.

What is going on in Josh Duggar’s real estate lawsuit?

Legal documents were filed in Brenton County, Arkansas, over a land dispute. The dispute claims that Duggar illegally purchased five-acres of land from a man who didn’t own the property.

Josh and his company, ALB Investments, LLC are not the only people named in a lawsuit. The man that Josh bought the property from is also included in the filing. There is no word on how Josh took possession of the land. What Josh intends to do with the parcel also remains unknown.

What we do know is that Josh recently placed his expansive farmhouse for sale. Where he and his growing family are currently living remains a bit of a mystery. The home was listed for sale in March 2019 but did not sell until July 2019. The couple slashed the price to get the house off their hands.

How did Josh come to own the land in question?

Josh allegedly purchased the land in 2016 from a man named Edward L. Lewis. Lewis, who originally owned the lot is accused of not having the right to sell it because he had previously sold the parcel to his cousin, Carl Echols.

Josh Duggar
Josh Duggar | Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

It is not known if Josh approached Lewis about the parcel, or if Lewis advertised the parcel. While some might think Lewis is the one the hook, the complaint, Echols, is arguing that Josh and his company did not practice their due diligence. The documents allege that Josh did not conduct a title search before plunking down $1,000 for the land.

The Duggar family has a pretty impressive real estate portfolio. They recently listed a famed mansion on the market after spending years rehabbing it. In fact, some local residents believe the Duggar family is purchasing land as a way to curry favor with local politicians.

When will the courts make a decision?

While Josh, himself, has been dismissed from the lawsuit, his company is still battling it out in court. ALB Investments, LLC, is the company under which Josh does all of his real estate dealings. According to Radar Online, ALB Investments, LLC has requested that it, too, be dismissed from the lawsuit.

Courts have not yet ruled on whether the company will be dismissed from the suit, but the decision may be coming in the near future. The fact that Josh was dismissed from the lawsuit appears to be a good sign for the company, but they could still be on the hook for damages and could potentially lose the property.