Everything We Know About Season 10 of ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Bob's Burgers season 10
‘Bob’s Burgers’ | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

The popular animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers is returning for a new season. In the show, Bob Belcher and his family, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise run a struggling burger restaurant. A Bob’s Burgers movie is also in the works. This is everything fans need to know for season 10 of Bob’s Burgers.

What is the new season of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ about?

At this year’s Comic-Con, show creator Loren Bouchard gave fans an idea of what to expect from season 10 of Bob’s Burgers. Bouchard released the episode titles and synopses for the first seven episodes of the season. Like any season of Bob’s Burgers, season 10 looks like it will be hilarious based on the episode descriptions alone.

The first episode of the new season is called “The Ring But Not Scary.” According to the synopsis, Bob buys Linda an engagement ring but misplaces it. The second episode is titled “Boys Just Want to Have Fungus” and features Bob and Gene going mushroom hunting.

The next two episodes are Tina-centric. One is called “Murder She Boat” and is about Tina’s camp nemesis. The other is called “Pig Trouble in Little Tina.” The episode description reads, “This is not a ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ homage, but instead, a nod to ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ where Tina is haunted by a fetal pig.”

Season 10 of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ has holiday episodes

Bob’s Burgers is known for its holiday episodes. In the show, Bob’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Linda, on the other hand, loves Christmas. Season 10 of Bob’s Burgers features two holiday episodes.

“Now We’re Cooking With Gas” is the season’s Thanksgiving episode. In the episode, “Bob is forced to cook his family’s Thanksgiving meal without the use of a gas oven.” The season’s Christmas episode is called “Have Yourself a Mail-y Little Christmas” and features Linda getting a job at the post office.

Bouchard also released the title and episode description for the seventh episode of the season. The episode is titled “Drumforgiven.” In it, Teddy takes a job at the restaurant of Bob’s nemesis, Jimmy Pesto, and tries to keep it a secret from Bob.

Fox released a clip from the first episode of the season

Before the season premieres, Fox released a clip from the first episode on YouTube. In the clip, the kids search through Bob and Linda’s room for goggles. Louise looks in her parents’ “super secret hiding place” and finds a ring box. The kids open it and realize Bob plans to propose to Linda.

“Hold on,” Tina says. “Aren’t they already married?”

“I think so,” Gene says. “Wait, no, they’re brother and sister?”

When does ‘Bob’s Burgers’ season 10 premiere?

Most TV shows return during the fall each year. Bob’s Burgers returns to Fox on Sept. 29, 2019. The show will premiere at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. In past seasons, the show aired at 8 p.m., but the new time slot means the show will no longer be interrupted or delayed because of other programming on Fox.