Everything We Know About Season 7 of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7
‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ cast | Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

After a successful sixth season, NBC renewed Brooklyn Nine-Nine for season 7. The show was not always on NBC. After being canceled by Fox after season 5, NBC picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine showed the hilarious comedy fit perfectly in NBC’s comedy lineup.

Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended in May 2019 and was the show’s first season on NBC. The season consisted of 18 episodes. With a seventh season in the works, some fans might wonder what they should expect from the upcoming season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

How did the sixth season of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ end?

Like most season finales of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the sixth season ended with a total disruption for the characters in the show. Jake Peralta and Captain Holt discovered Commissioner Kelly illegally wiretapped the general population. The squad works with some of their sworn rivals, Madeline Wuntch, The Vulture, and C.J., to try and prove his crimes.

They are successful in proving Commissioner Kelly’s crimes, and Madeline Wuntch becomes commissioner. She uses some of her new power for good by allowing Terry Jeffords to stay at the Nine-Nine. However, she uses her newfound power to demote Captain Holt to patrol officer to make up for his missing days.

“Andre Braugher is an officer, he’s not a captain. I am the lieutenant, I am in his office. It’s so bizarre, I still don’t feel like it’s mine,” said Terry Crews. “We love to turn things on its ear. It’s so wild because we’re all changing and growing.”

The Jimmy Jab Games return

The characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine love to partake in challenges and heists. In season 2, the characters participated in the Jimmy Jab Games. In this game, the characters make up absurd and unwise challenges for their co-workers to complete around the precinct.

Amy Santiago won the last time the group played. In an interview with EW, Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast member Joe Lo Truglio revealed the seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine would show the return of the Jimmy Jab Games. The actor also revealed there would be another heist episode.

“…we’re hoping to have a heist,” he said.

During the show’s five seasons on Fox, the characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine participated in an annual Halloween heist. However, when the show moved to NBC, Brooklyn Nine-Nine did not air around Halloween. For this reason, the characters held the heist on Cinco de Mayo instead.

Season 7 of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ does not premiere in September

Most shows return to TV in the fall, usually around September. However, season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will not premiere in September. When the show moved to NBC, Brooklyn Nine-Nine received a mid-season premiere date on NBC.

Like the sixth season, season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will also have a mid-season premiere date and air in January 2020. As of May 2019, the seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will have 13 episodes. NBC bumped the sixth season up from 13 episodes to 18 episodes, so perhaps the same thing will happen closer to the premiere date of season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.