Everything We Know About the ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Movie Releasing in 2020

For years Bob’s Burgers was one of many small screen shows that didn’t get nearly enough credit. Sure, it’s earned several significant nominations and even walked away with an Emmy for Outstanding Animated program in 2014 AND 2017, but it’s often overshadowed.

With Family Guy, The Simpsons, and American Dad to contend with, perhaps it isn’t surprising. After all, Bob’s Burgers is the youngest of the bunch. 

But finally, after almost a decade, Bob’s Burgers is going to get its moment to shine on the big screen!

What is ‘Bob’s Burgers’ about?

Bob's Burgers
Bob’s Burgers | FOX via Getty Images

Seriously, Bob’s Burgers is one of the greatest adult animated series of all time! The show follows the Belchers, a quirky family unit that runs a burger joint in a seaside town.

It features lots of great humor, lovable characters, and wonderful family moments wrapped up into hilarious, witty bite-sized episodes. Somehow the show manages to juggle an admirable level of wholesomeness while pushing the boundaries with its content.

Come on now, where else can you find a pre-pubescent daughter whose budding sexuality is intrinsically linked with zombies? Only in Bob’s Burgers.

The shows core cast includes the sensible patriarch Bob, troublemaker Louise, puberty-driven Tina, and one of the silliest characters on TV, Gene. The rest of the cast is just as intriguing and the banter between everyone is literal perfection. 

When is the ‘Bob’s Burgers’ movie coming out?

The initial announcement was made back in 2017 with a tentative date of July 17, 2020. Well, now it’s official — Fox was able to stick to that rumored date! 

Recently the popular network was acquired by Disney, but luckily the acquisition didn’t cause any hiccups in the release schedule! In just 14 months fans will finally be able to “meat” their favorite burger slinging family (and their wacky neighbors) on the big screen.

What can fans expect to see in the movie?

Fans have long been tweeting Loren Bouchard about different things they would like to see in the show. While there are not many details about the movie on IMDb, the series creator has taken it upon himself to tease fans who apparently hit the nail on the head.

A quick look through Twitter shows Bouchard retweeting quite a few “suggestions” that could very well be served up in the film adaptation! Sadly, there was nothing about them touching on the cannibals thing

It might be a musical

Nerdist published a now defunct article about the upcoming movie being a musical. Bouchard confirmed this wholeheartedly! Will the entire film be a musical? Or will it just have musical components?

Only time will tell, but given Gene’s love for his keyboard, Linda’s experience with musical theater, and Jimmy Pesto Jrs. passion for dance, this is beyond great news! Oh, and let’s not forget that the series slays all its songs. One of my personal favorites is definitely the one linked above. 

We’ll learn how Louise got her ears

Are you ready to learn the truth? Louise has been rocking those pink bunny ears since day one! They aren’t just a hat either. In Ear-sy Rider, local teen bully Logan takes them away from her and she absolutely loses her mind!

She even got the One-Eyed Snakes (a local biker gang) in on her plan to scare the kid into getting her hat back. Talk about badass. 

‘Bob’s Burgers’ early beginnings

We know Bob took off on his own because he couldn’t blossom as a burger chef in Big Bob’s restaurant. We also know Linda was engaged to health safety officer Hugo before falling for Bob.

But we don’t see too much about the restaurant’s start or the couple’s formative years. Looks like some flashbacks or origin stories have definitely been ordered for the movie!

We’re going to meet some characters we’ve only heard about

One Twitter user touched on a slew of characters we’ve only heard a bit about on the show. Remember the time Ginger’s cat died? Linda’s always on the phone with this mysterious woman, but we never see her!

Then there’s Mrs. Pesto, where’s she been all these years? Oh and while Bob’s dad may be overbearing, and Linda’s mom might be a nag…Bob’s matriarch has been out of the picture.

Let’s not forget Teddy talked about his family visiting for Thanksgiving…but they never showed. What’s up with that? Zeke has a grandmother at a nursing home, and quite a wild mom…but where’s his father figure? Oh, and then there’s the mysterious improvised hip-hop creator Ken, the albino

AVClub also brought up a pretty great point. Bouchard never confirmed that this would make a movie appearance, but where in the world is Pocket-Sized Rudy! Regular-Sized Rudy is a regular…but his pint-sized counterpart is nowhere to be found. Looks like the zany cast is about to get even zanier.

Mickey might turn back to a life of crime

Mickey has been through a lot on the show. We first meet him during a botched bank robbery and despite his dirty dealings, he becomes pretty close with the Belcher family. Louise even turns to him when she needs help peddling some tasty illegal wares.

But, does Mickey ever go back his roots? He does end up getting work on Wonder Wharf, but one fan wanted to see him fall from grace (again) and turn the pier into his own cash cow. It looks like Mr. Fischoeder might need to keep an eye out.

Where do the Belchers live anyway?

We know a lot about where the Belchers live. They are in a seaside town. There is a wharf literally right down the block from them. There’s a store next door that owners keep abandoning. Speaking of…I personally hope we find out why that storefront keeps changing. Is it haunted or something? 

Apparently, the deets about the town name are an inside joke, but we might get to finally learn where the Belchers call home in the upcoming flick! If the movie even touches on half of these things, it’s going to be one amazing experience for Bob’s Burgers fans everywhere.