Everything We Know About the Disney Streaming Service

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Disney is getting ready to seriously shake up the streaming game, as the company has its own Netflix competitor coming out soon.

So what, exactly, do we know about this streaming service so far? When is it coming out? What movies and TV shows are going to be on it? How much will it cost? Let’s run down all of the information we’ve learned so far.

It’s coming in late 2019

Disney hasn’t officially unveiled a launch date for the streaming service, but expect it towards the end of next year.

Deadline reported in February that Disney currently expects its service to launch in the fall of 2019. Naturally, Disney will also be pulling all of its content from Netflix by this point.

It will supposedly be cheaper than Netflix

In terms of the price, Disney hasn’t officially announced this, either. But the goal is apparently for it to be pretty affordable. Back in 2017, Bob Iger said that “our plan on the Disney side is to price this substantially below where Netflix is.”

If Disney meets that goal, that would mean that the plan will cost less than $10.99 per month.

It will launch with about 500 movies, including Star Wars and Marvel films

Disney is basically putting up its entire library on the streaming service, i.e. about 500 movies, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This will include all of the Star Wars movies and all of the Marvel movies, as well as every animated film the studio has ever made. Yes, that includes Pixar.

Plus, about 7,000 episodes from Disney TV shows will go up for streaming; presumably, that includes shows like Star Wars Rebels.

It’s not expected to include R-rated content

Disney does own some more adult-oriented films and TV shows, but according to Deadline, the idea is for the new streaming service to be consistent with the Disney brand. Therefore, no R-rated movies will end up there.

Instead, Disney will put its R-rated content on Hulu. Other than that, though, expect basically every Disney movie of all time to end up streaming.

It will feature some original content

All of the major streaming services right now produce at least a little bit of original content, and Disney will be following suit with exclusive TV shows and movies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney currently plans to release four or five original films for the service within the first 12 months, with most of those being live action. Deadline reports that some of those movies may include Don Quixote, Lady and the TrampThe Paper Magician, Stargirl, and Togo. The previously-announced movies Magic Camp and Noelle are also expected to end up on the streaming service.

There’s also reportedly some discussion of making reboots of The Parent TrapFather of the Bride, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. In addition, Disney also plans to produce three or four original TV shows.

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Star Wars | Lucasfilm

There will be a live-action Star Wars TV show

One of the original shows coming out for the streaming service is a pretty big deal: it’s the first ever live-action Star Wars TV series.

This show will be written and produced by Jon Favreau. We don’t know a whole lot about it yet, but Favreau says that it will take place about seven years after Return of the Jedi.

There will reportedly be a new Muppets show

The Muppets will reportedly be making their way to the streaming service with a brand new show. This hasn’t been officially announced, but The Hollywood Reporter reported on it back in February.

There might be a Mighty Ducks TV show

Along with that news about the Muppets, The Hollywood Reporter also reported earlier this year that a new Mighty Ducks TV show is being considered.

Netflix will keep the superhero shows like Jessica Jones

What about all of the Marvel shows that are on Netflix right now? Are those leaving? At the moment, that doesn’t seem to be the plan. Deadline reports that those shows will stay on Netflix.

However, some sort of new Marvel live-action show is reportedly in development and that one will be exclusive to the streaming service.

Monsters Inc. and High School Musical will get shows

In terms of TV content, Disney also plans to produce a Monsters Inc. show and a High School Musical show.

We haven’t heard that much about the Monsters Inc. show since then, but the High School Musical one seems to be moving forward, with a writer being hired back in May.

It will have Fox content too, assuming the sale goes through

This streaming service is a big reason that Disney was interested in purchasing 20th Century Fox; by doing so, the company would be able to put all of Fox’s movie content on the streaming service.

That deal hasn’t officially gone through yet, but once it does, it will mean Disney’s platform will include major film franchises like AvatarX-MenHome Alone, and more.