Everything We Know About Zack Clayton Carpinello, JWoww’s New Boyfriend

Jenni Farley has spent the last several days teasing a new relationship, and now she’s ready to go public with it. Farley made it official by telling the world that she is currently dating Zack Clayton Carpinello, a young wrestler who hails from upstate New York. While the relationship is brand new, Farley seems hopeful that her new love might be around for the long haul, even though she is currently embroiled in divorce proceedings.

Carpinello is a Wrestler

Carpinello may not be a reality TV star, but the 24-year-old is a rising entertainment powerhouse. Wrestling under the name Zack Clayton, the New York native has aspirations of heading to the WWE. According to Cagematch.net, Zack has four years of experience in the ring. He has allegedly wrestler in several smaller promotions and has had some camera time in South America, but he hasn’t caught his big break in the United States just yet.

The WWE requires professional wrestlers to have between three to five years of in-the-ring experience before they are offered a tryout. There is no word on whether Carpinello has attempted to join the entertainment company just yet, but it seems to be his overarching goal, at least at the moment.

Snooki and JWoww have been referring to Carpinello as “24”

Speaking about her new relationship on a podcast, JWoww admits that she and her castmates have come up with an interesting nickname for her new beau. They’ve merely been referring to Carpinello as “24”, alluding to the fact that the wrestling professional is substantially younger than Farley. The mother-of-two turned 33 in February 2019.

Carpinello has Snooki’s stamp of approval, despite the age difference. The media mogul noted that she has never seen her bestie as happy as she is right now, according to E!. Snooki went on to let fans know that Carpinello is “very handsome.”

Roger Matthews is surprisingly okay with the new development

While Matthews and Farley are embroiled in a bitter divorce and custody battle, he took the time out of his day to give his okay to the relationship. Speaking with Us Magazine, Matthews noted that Carpinello seems like a nice guy and that he’s happy for the pair.

Farley and Matthews’ early separation was contentious. The pair had both accused each other of abuse over the course of the marriage, but they seem to be making an effort to co-parent effectively. They allegedly spent Easter Sunday together as a family.

There is no word on whether Matthews is dating anyone. Farley, 34, was the one who began the divorce proceedings. Matthews, however, did petition the courts for sole physical custody of Meilani, 4 and Greyson, 2. He also requested child support and alimony from the reality TV star, according to People.