Everything We Know About a Possible Revival of ‘Parks and Recreation’

Parks and Recreation just ended three years ago, but is it already time to return to Pawnee, Indiana? Over the past few months, there has, surprisingly, been some buzz about a possible reunion or revival.

So what’s the status of this possible revival, and who would return for it? Let’s take a look at everything we know so far.

Chris Pratt said it was possible we’d see more Parks

Chris Pratt on Parks and Recreation

Chris Pratt on Parks and Recreation | NBC

Back in 2016, Chris Pratt was one of the first Parks actors to float the possibility of returning to Pawnee sometime in the future.

“We did do seven seasons, you know, somewhere along the lines of 150 episodes, so eventually you start running out of stories to tell, but because of the nature of that show kind of mimicking time, I definitely wouldn’t rule out seeing it again, seeing us get back together for something, for a movie, or for another season down the line, a possible spinoff, or whatever,” he said.

Jim O’Heir said he would come back

Jim O'Heir in Parks and Recreation

Jim O’Heir in Parks and Recreation | Netflix

During the summer of 2017, Jim O’Heir, who played Jerry (or Garry, or Larry, or Terry), said he would be down for a revival.

“The love and the laughter of that show was every day for 7 seasons,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “So would I go back? Whatever it took. Whatever it took!”

Although Pratt had technically floated this possibility before, O’Heir’s quote was the first to really gain traction, and it began to generate a lot of discussion about whether Parks should come back. Oftentimes, an actor being casually asked about a show being revived in an interview is what can get the ball rolling, so would that be the case here? What did the other actors have to say?

Aubrey Plaza said she’d be down, too

Aubrey Plaza in Parks and Recreation

Aubrey Plaza in Parks and Recreation | Netflix

The next person to say they’d be interested in a revival was Aubrey Plaza, who played April on the show. This was especially surprising since Plaza has been keeping fairly busy, starring on FX’s Legion and in movies like The Little Hours and Ingrid Goes West.

In an interview, Plaza’s first instinct was to say that they should probably wait a bit longer before doing the reunion.

“I would say, ‘Didn’t we just end that a couple of years ago?” she said. “Let’s just wait till we’re all a little bit older?”

But after thinking about it for a minute, Plaza added, “I don’t know, never mind. I’ll do it, I’ll do it, let’s do it. I miss Janet Snakehole, I miss Shauna Malwae-Tweep and I miss my husband Andy. Where is he?”

Nick Offerman said he’d do it if Mike Schur is involved

Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation

Nick Offerman on Parks and Recreation | NBC

It wouldn’t be possible to do the Parks revival without Ron Swanson, so what does Nick Offerman think of all fo this?

Well, Offerman said in March 2018 that he’d do it, assuming co-creator Mike Schur is involved. He also said he’d need Amy Poehler to be involved, although that kind of goes without saying.

“They’re bringing every show back now, maybe they’ll want to bring our show back,” he said. “If that were ever to occur, it would be thanks to brains much larger than mine. Brains that I trust with my life. And so, if Mike Schur and Amy Poehler want to bring the show back and they think it’s a good idea, I will certainly sign on. I will eat more meat at their behest.”

Amy Poehler said that ‘we would all do it’

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation | NBC

It was still an open question for a while whether Amy Poehler would be interested in this possible Parks revival, but in May, she confirmed she is. Not only that, but she suggested everyone is, even those we haven’t heard from publicly.

When Poehler appeared on Ellen and was asked whether Parks could come back, she said, “I’ll speak for everybody and say we would all do it. I think we’d all do it someday. It would be amazing.”

The key word here was “someday,” so it didn’t sound like Poehler thought she’d be reprising Leslie Knope anytime soon. Still, now we had Leslie, Ron, April, Jerry, and possibly Chris all on board, plus, according to Poehler, the whole rest of the cast.

Greg Daniels and Mike Schur haven’t said if they’d do it

Co-workers in an office gather around a laptop computer and make faces with another stares at them

Parks and Recreation | NBC

Parks and Recreation was created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, and the show really wouldn’t be the same without them returning. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine the actors wanting to do it without them; Offerman even said he’d only want to do it if Schur is involved.

So far, neither Daniels nor Schur has said whether they’d want to bring Parks back, and at this point, this is the biggest open question. Nearly the whole cast is on board, and with NBC reviving so many shows, it’s difficult to imagine the network wouldn’t be open to it. The question now is just whether Daniels and Schur feel that creatively a revival is a good idea and whether they have time in their schedules for it. Neither of them has ever revived one of their shows before.

One of the problems is that the series finale of Parks gave viewers an incredible amount of closure, flashing forward to show exactly where all of the characters end up throughout the next several decades of their lives. So would returning to this story even be worth it? It’s possible Daniels and Schur will decide to bring the show back for a one-time special or movie, but a full new run, i.e. Will & Grace, seems unlikely. Then again, in the age of the TV revival, we should never say never.