A Long-Lost Character Finally Returns: Everything You Missed in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, Episode 5

After a heart-stopping fourth episode, Game of Thrones Season 7 proved it wasn’t going to slow its momentum any time soon. While the fifth episode, “Eastwatch,” had significantly less action, it did do a lot to move the story forward and keep the characters on their toes.

We learned that Jaime Lannister survived his encounter with Drogon. He and Tyrion Lannister had a brief and very tense reunion. With a little help from her dragon, Daenerys Targaryen got a majority of the remainder of Cersei Lannister’s army, save Randyll and Dickon Tarley, to bend the knee. And she enjoyed a happy reunion with Jorah Mormont, who can finally return to the fray.

Back in Winterfell, Sansa and Arya Stark were at odds over how to run things in their brother’s absence. But much of the episode centered on Jon Snow and Daenerys’ ever-growing band of allies. And, more importantly, how they’re going to deal with the Night King and the threat he poses. Here are all the most important moments from Game of Thrones Season 7’s fifth episode.

1. Jon got up close and personal with Drogon (and Dany)

In the 'Game of Thrones' episode 'Eastwatch,' Drogon and Jon Snow face off.
Drogon and Jon Snow | HBO

After her victory over Cersei’s army at Casterly Rock, Daenerys rode Drogon home. And Jon was there to greet them when they arrived back at Dragonstone. He was initially skittish to touch the animal he dubbed a “beast,” much to Daenerys’ chagrin. But the King in the North was clearly impressed — and maybe even a little moved — by Drogon in all his magnificence. As he reached out to touch Drogon, Daenerys seemed pleased to witness the two bonding. It’s safe to say, too, that Dany and Jon continued to warm to each other.

At the end of “Eastwatch,” Jon set off for colder shores, and Dany seemed genuinely sad to see him go. Many Game of Thrones fans are wildly enthusiastic about the concept of an endgame that includes Jon and Dany in love. The fact that they became so close within such a short amount of time could mean they’re one step closer to becoming one big happy family.

2. Plotting to capture the dead

In Dragonstone, Tyrion, Dany and Jorah discuss important matters.
Tyrion, Daenerys and Jorah | HBO

Jon learned, via a scroll from Winterfell, that Arya and Bran are, in fact, alive and well. But the joy he felt at this good news was dampened by another key bit of information he learned from the raven’s message.

Bran saw the Night King’s army marching toward the wall. And that means the impending war with the Army of the Dead is growing closer by the day. Dany was reluctant to let Jon go home, or to help him fight the dead, because it would mean abandoning their plans to take King’s Landing.

But then, Tyrion realized that he could try to talk some sense into his brother. If he could let him see for himself that the wights are truly a threat, then maybe they could negotiate a truce with Cersei.

There were, of course, two big problems with this plan: Tyrion isn’t exactly welcome back at home. And they don’t have any dead soldiers on hand to offer up as proof. Luckily, Jorah and Ser Davos volunteered their talents to find the dead man and smuggle Tyrion into King’s Landing, respectively.

3. Sam’s missed opportunity

Looking disgruntled, Sam Tarley sits with a quill in his hand and stares at a book.
Sam Tarley in “Eastwatch” | HBO

Between figuring out the key importance of Dragonglass and curing Jorah’s Draconscale, Sam Tarley has pretty much been this season’s MVP. But he finally reached a breaking point when it came to his maester training. After once again being shot down by the Archmaester regarding his concerns about the Army of the Dead, he made off with Gilly and Sam and several ancient scrolls. But before they left, he learned something of great importance.

While reading to him from an old maester’s journal, Gilly found an entry that recorded an annulment, and immediate second marriage, for Rhaegar Targaryen. That means Sam is one step closer to figuring out, perhaps, Jon’s true identity. He just hasn’t realized the significance of that fact yet.

4. Cersei’s unexpected announcement

In the Season 7 episode 'Eastwatch,' Cersei, wearing all black, hugs Jaime while looking stern.
Cersei and Jaime in “Eastwatch” | HBO

At this point, pretty much everyone in Westeros is busy plotting a way to either reason with or destroy Cersei. But the queen has one more thing to worry about — she’s expecting a child with Jaime. She broke the news to her brother after he informed her that he’d met with Tyrion and discussed the possibility of a truce.

Cersei already knew about the meeting, of course — even with all she has going on in her personal life, she never misses a beat. And after informing Jaime that she’d let everyone know the child was his, he seemed relieved. That is, until, she embraced him and warned him never to betray her trust again. So, in addition to worrying about bringing a new life into the world, Jaime now also has to wonder if his sister is going to try to take his.

5. The return of a long-lost heir

In the 'Game of Thrones' episode 'Eastwatch,' Gendry looks over his shoulder.
Gendry | HBO

Remember Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son? The last we saw him, Ser Davos had rescued him from certain death at Dragonstone and sent him rowing off into an uncertain fate.

In “Eastwatch,” Ser Davos returned to Flea Bottom to check in on his old friend. He found Gendry looking very alive and well, and doing what he does best — forging weapons for the Lannisters on the Street of Steel.

“I thought you might still be rowing,” Davos said by way of greeting — a clever nod to fans who’ve wondered for years if Gendry was still afloat somewhere at sea. Davos wasn’t just there to say hello, though. He wanted to warn Gendry about all the bad that’s coming, and take him back to Dragonstone. Gendry, for his part, was ready to go — and even had a mighty powerful hammer ready to bring with him.

Gendry proved to be pretty handy in combat right off the bat after he, Davos, and Tyrion encountered a couple of guards who became suspicious when they saw the imp. And in doing so, he showed that while he may not have the military prowess or dragon-fueled power of Jon and Daenerys, he isn’t exactly a liability, either.

6. Meeting as bastards, leaving as friends

In the 'Game of Thrones' episode 'Eastwatch,' Jon Snow and Gendry sit at a table.
Jon Snow and Gendry | HBO

Ser Davos was wary of introducing Gendry to Jon, because he didn’t know how the King in the North would take to another bastard who could lay claim to the throne. But Gendry wasn’t prepared to lie about his identity — so he came clean to Jon the moment they met.

“Our fathers trusted each other,” he told Jon, “Why shouldn’t we?” They traded stories about meeting each others’ fathers long ago, and then engaged in a bit of friendly jabbing (“You’re a lot leaner”; “You’re a lot shorter.”) By the end of their first conversation, it seemed Davos’ concerns were for nothing, because Gendry and Jon were downright friendly, and the blacksmith was volunteering his services for Jon’s journey to Eastwatch.

At this point, it seems likely they’ll continue the legacy of Ned and Robert’s friendship, something both men surely would have appreciated.

7. Bringing more allies into the fold

Jon Snow, Jorah Mormont, Gendry, Tormund, Ser Davos, and the Brotherhood set out into the snow in the Season 7 'Game of Thrones' episode 'Eastwatch.'
“Eastwatch” | HBO

When Jon, Gendry, Jorah, and Ser Davos made it to Eastwatch, they had the unhappy task of filling the perpetually disgruntled Tormund Giantsbane in on their latest plan. While he wasn’t keen on trying to make peace with not one, but two queens, he did know of a few more guys who might be able to help them.

In the dungeons, Tormund introduced Jon and his friends to the Hound and his friends in the Brotherhood. They too, they informed them, are looking to get over the wall — because they know the Army of the Dead is on their way, thanks to the Hound’s fiery vision.

While neither group completely trusts the other, they do agree to team up. Because, according to Jon, since they’re all breathing, they’re all on the same side. And with that ominous declaration, the men headed into the wintry abyss north of the wall to seek out the dead.

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