Everything You Need to Know About ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 7

Time is up for the ladies of Litchfield. Netflix confirmed that season 7 would be the final chapter of the prison series that completely turned television viewing on its head. While the series is winding down, that doesn’t mean the final season won’t be packing a series of punches. We have all the details you’ll need to ramp up for the series’ last hurrah.

When will Season 7 of Orange is the New Black air?

Netflix has not released any official airdate for Orange is the New Black Season 7. The show, however, traditionally drops in June or July, with the entire season available to Netflix users. According to Radio Times, however, fans of the show might need to wait a bit longer for the final installment of the series.

The show just finished its filming schedule at the end of February, meaning the show might not be a summer blockbuster. Instead, fans are likely going to have to wait until the fall to find out what happened to all of their favorite characters. Based on rumors and leaked information, it will be worth the wait.

Is Piper returning to Season 7?

Season 6 wrapped with Piper being released from prison early. The storyline, which aimed to highlight the disparity that prisoners face, angered some fans. Many feared that Piper wouldn’t be back, and the story at Litchfield would have to go on without her.

Piper will be back, and the show will follow her as she reintegrates into life on the outside, according to Digital Spy. It makes sense that Piper gets released from prison. The Netflix Original is based on a memoir of the same name. The real Piper served just 15-months in jail. OITNB producers wanted to stay true to the series’ inspiration, sharing Piper’s entire story.

Alex’s story isn’t over either

Laura Prepon famously took on the role of Alex, Piper’s love interest. While Alex’s character didn’t’ show back up until the fourth episode of Season 6, Season 7 will bring an exciting storyline for the inmate. With Piper on the outside, Alex on the inside, their status as newlyweds will be explored in depth.

Prepon missed production on the first four episodes as she gave birth to her first child. She returned to filming just six weeks after her daughter’s arrival.

Will there be a spin-off?

While it is a wrap for OITNB, there might be more story to tell. Netflix owns the rights to the show and will consider how to continue the storyline even after the series finale airs. There are rumors that Netflix will aim to spinoff pivotal characters into a new show, but there is no confirmation on which characters will grace the streaming service once again, according to Vanity Fair.