Everything You Need to Know About Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend, Erica Herman

If there’s anything Tiger Woods is known for aside from his hundred-million-dollar golf career, it’s his relationships. We remember when Woods was caught red-handed cheating on his wife, Elin Nordegren, with many women over the years. But that doesn’t seem to have deterred any of his girlfriends post-Nordegren — and that includes his current partner, Erica Herman.

Woods and Herman have been dating since November 2017

Erica Herman and Tiger Woods at the Presidents Cup

Erica Herman and Tiger Woods at the Presidents Cup | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Woods has reportedly dated several beauties after the breakdown of his marriage in 2010 — and some lasted a lot longer than others. Either way, it seems he’s quite serious about Herman. They’ve been dating since November 2017, express.co.uk says. And fans of the 42-year-old golfer have seen his 33-year-old girlfriend at many of his tournaments since then, too.

As for when they were first noticed, it was October 2017 when eagle-eyed fans spotted Woods and Herman hugging after he won the Presidents Cup.

Herman works in the restaurant business

Erica Herman is far from just another celebrity — and maybe that will benefit this pair in the end. Heavy reports the two probably met through Herman’s job, as she was a restaurant manager at Tiger’s restaurant in Jupiter, Florida.

She was also involved in opening a pop-up restaurant for Woods called The Woods at 10 in Lost Angeles — a smaller version of his more notable restaurant she worked at.

It’s unclear if Herman still works as a restaurant manager, but TMZ says she doesn’t.

Other networks have called her a “gold digger” and “hard-partying”

Tiger Woods of the U.S. Team and Erica Herman

Tiger Woods of the U.S. Team and Erica Herman look on during Saturday four-ball matches of the Presidents Cup | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Woods and Herman have kept their relationship relatively under wraps, but that hasn’t stopped other networks from speculating on Herman’s true motivations. Radar Online called her “a hard-partying gold digger who targeted the disgraced golfer for years” after what an “insider” told them.

The alleged insider claimed they worked with Herman in the past, and they said she was all over Woods when she spotted him at a popular Florida nightspot. “Erica’s been chasing Tiger around like a puppy for close to ten years,” they said.

She allegedly banned her family from speaking to the press

Does she really have a dark past? It’s tough to say, but the insider who spoke with Radar Online claims she told her family none of them could speak to the press regarding her relationship with Woods. The insider says this is because “there was always a rumor that Tiger helped Erica and gave her money.”

The insider also says she’s experienced financial hardships and family woes in the past, too. Her older brother was allegedly busted for marijuana and cocaine possession with intent to sell.

Whatever happened to Woods’ last girlfriend, Kristin Smith?

Now that Herman’s in the picture, you may be wondering what happened to Woods’ previous girlfriend, Kristin Smith. Radar Online says Smith couldn’t handle all the controversy surrounding Woods, and she had a particularly infamous breakdown after his DUI arrest in 2017.

A source told the publication, “He screws up and she gets pulled into it and she can’t handle the pressure of it all.” The source also mentioned that Smith “seems very overwhelmed and stressed” and Woods is “very jealous,” which put additional strain on their relationship.

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