All of the Evidence That Ariana Grande And Mikey From Social House Are Dating

Ariana Grande’s love life is making headlines once again. The singer/actress is rumored to be dating Mikey Foster of Social House. Here’s a look at all of the evidence that the two are involved. 

Their video chemistry sparked rumors

In the video for Grande and Social House’s new single, “Boyfriend,” we see the two interact quite a bit. The story is that the two are playing people who are involved but don’t have an official label. Still, they get very jealous when they see the other with someone else.

Grande and Foster’s chemistry is apparent in the video, especially in the scene where they make out in the bathroom. Fans on social media were immediately convinced that the two were involved for real. So are they just good actors, or is there something to the rumors?

They’ve been touring together for months

One thing is certain: They’re co-workers. Social House is the opening act for the 2019 leg of Grande’s Sweetener World Tour. This requires spending quite a bit of time together, and it’s obvious that they’ve been doing that. 

When Foster posted this photo of him hanging out with Grande’s dog, Toulouse, some fans began to wonder if the two were playing house on tour. Both were in photos with the other, but there were typically others, like the other half of Social House, Scootie Anderson, in frame. So there isn’t any reason to suspect that they’re more than friends.

Their social media interactions

But then again, the messages exchanged between the two on social media may tell another story. When Foster posted this photo of a young Grande in celebration of her birthday, his caption certainly caught the eye of many.

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If there’s one thing Grande’s fans (known as Arianators) know, it’s that the singer is a sweetheart. She says, “I love you” to her fans, her friends, and everyone around her. That gracious spirit has been mistaken for romance in the past, so that could be what people are reading into here.

An alleged spotting

Ariana Grande performs with Mikey Foster of Social House at Lollapalooza at Grant Park on August 04, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.
Ariana Grande performs with Mikey Foster of Social House at Lollapalooza at Grant Park on August 04, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AG

Amidst the latest speculation, Grande and Foster were spotted holding hands. At least, that’s what a source told Us Magazine. That says it all, doesn’t it? Can we confirm this relationship officially?

Possibly not. As previously stated, Grande is a kind, affectionate person. Holding the hand of a close friend doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re romantically involved. The mystery remains unsolved.

Grande is keeping quiet

Here’s what we do know: Unless things become very serious between Foster and Grande, we probably won’t be getting any kind of confirmation. As Twitter followers bombard her with questions about the alleged pairing, Grande has gracefully avoided the subject.

Given how Grandes’s love life has been dissected in the past, her decision to keep things on the DL until she’s ready for the tabloid drama makes perfect sense. Back in Jan. 2019, she tweeted “it’s no one” in response to those asking who she’s dating now. She added, “please refer back to this tweet for future questions” regarding her relationship status.

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