Evidence Rachel Weisz Is Not The Taskmaster in ‘Black Widow’

Following San Diego Comic-Con’s earth-shattering reveals concerning Natasha Romanoff’s standalone film, as well as the future of the MCU, many have taken up the presumption that Rachel Weisz’s Melina will transform into the predominant antagonist, The Taskmaster, in Black Widow

Rachel Weisz of upcoming film 'Black Widow'
Rachel Weisz of upcoming film ‘Black Widow’ | Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Let’s start with what we know for sure. Those behind the Black Widow movie have confirmed that Weisz will play the well-trained Russian spy Melina, and David Harbour will take on the Red Guardian (colloquially referred to as the Soviet version of Captain America). O.T. Fagbenle will play Mason, whom the actor has deemed a “fixer” for spies who boasts a complex relationship with Natasha. 

Given what we know about the MCU and Marvel comics, as well as what we can glean from some leaked photos, Weisz transforming into The Taskmaster doesn’t seem all that likely, despite various publications’ persistence. 

Leaked photos, comic book plots, and MCU tendencies: Why Rachel Weisz’s Melina will not become The Taskmaster in ‘Black Widow’

In recently leaked photos from the set of Black Widow, you can see whom many believe to be The Taskmaster, driving a tank down the street. Based on the individual’s physique, whoever is behind the mask seems a bit too tall and a bit too broad in the shoulders to be Rachel Weisz. 

Though it’s possible that the costume was designed to add width to the waist and musculature to the arms and shoulders (for deceptive purposes), Rachel Weisz is quite thin and stands at only 5’ 6” tall. In the leaked photos – especially the one of the presumed Taskmaster standing – the figure looks much taller than 5’ 6.”  

Though the photos alone provide proof to point us away from Weisz, let us not forget about the other pieces of evidence at our disposal. While the MCU is known for defying Marvel comic book narratives, Melina becomes the Iron Maiden in the comics. 

The MCU always keeps tricks up its sleeve; why should ‘Black Widow’ be any different?

The Iron Maiden is another Black Widow enemy – a master at hand-to-hand combat, stealth takedowns, and more. In essence, she is the perfect rival to Romanoff, as she boasts similar skills and abilities, as well as metal armor designed to protect her from various impacts. Given that many expect to see Weisz transform into the supervillain, wouldn’t you assume the MCU has a more surprising trick up its sleeve?

Marvel fans are expecting Weisz to become the supervillain; however, in MCU fashion – always surpassing fan expectations – Weisz will likely become the Iron Maiden, leaving the film opened to quite the impressive reveal concerning The Taskmaster. If Weisz does not become The Taskmaster, who will? 

Further casting announcements have yet to be made; however, those behind the film may be keeping a tight lid on whether Taskmaster will be portrayed by someone already announced, or an individual who has yet to be tied to the movie. If the latter, how long do you think Marvel can keep the secret?