‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’ Recap: Nicole Is Caught in Another Lie and Adore Makes His Feelings for Jakk Known

The tea on Ex on the Beach is already piping hot and it’s only Week 2!

The beloved MTV dating series is back for another fun-filled season of love, hook-ups, and of course drama. But this time around, things are a little more interesting now that the reality stars are being blindsided by their exes on a peak.

'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love'
Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love cast | MTV

With all of the ups and downs we’ve already seen take place, this season is definitely going to be one we’ll never forget.

Nicole’s plan to have her cake and eat it too just backfired

It’s not everyday people try to mend their past relationships with an ex but in Nicole Zanatta and Laurel Stucky’s case, we actually thought that they were headed toward a reconciliation.

Though Nicole made it seem like she was done with her cheating ways for good in the beginning, she soon proved that old habits die hard for profound “players”.

The second Nicole landed in the New Zealand villa, she instantly had her eyes set on Allie DiMeco and the two established a pretty close bond right off the bat.

While their feelings for each other were clear, Nicole literally pushed Allie to the side once her ex-girlfriend, Laurel, arrived on the peak.

After avalanching her way in, Laurel revealed that she came all the way to New Zealand to try and rekindle her romance with Nicole, which the former Real World: Skeltons star was more than happy to do.

Following Laurel’s arrival, the two women hooked up and many of us thought that Nicole was going to be loyal this time around.

But the very next day, Nicole kissed Allie in the pantry and things just went downhill from there.

On last night’s episode, Laurel found out about this and confronted Nicole while they were in the Sauna of Secrets.

But instead of apologizing and try to make things better, Nicole kept saying Laurel deserved better and after being overcome with emotion, walked out of the sauna.

Adore and Jakk aren’t hiding their feelings for another

Although a majority of this episode was focused around Nicole and Laurel, we did get a little snippet of Adore Delano and Jakk Maddox’s adorable relationship.

After making his way onto the peak last week, Jakk made it known early on that he was there for one purposeā€”to rekindle the flame with Adore.

Now that they’ve been able to spend the past week together, many can see that the pair has undeniable connection and made that very clear during last night’s elimination ceremony.

When host Romeo Miller asked Adore what he thought when he first saw Jakk come peak, he didn’t hesitate to share his true feels.

“I got hella excited,” he said. “I’m just nervous if I’m being honest. Other people coming in and just shaking sh*t up, I’m just kind of nervous.”

Romeo then asked Jakk if he feels like he’s getting closer to Adore, which he replied, “Yeah! It’s unbeweavable how much we’ve gotten alone since we’ve been here.”

After watching all of the intense drama between Nicole and Laurel, it was good to see at least one couple working toward becoming each other’s next!