Exclusive: Captain Lee From ‘Below Deck’ Wants Josiah Carter Back (and Shares Which Crew Member Is the Biggest Prankster)

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck is often asked who would make up his “dream team” crew. After seven seasons, he’s worked with dozens of crew members and usually has a few point people he typically likes to nominate for his fictional team.

During an exclusive event hosted by Stars Marketing Group, Rosbach candidly discussed who would be on his dream team. The event in Boca Raton, Florida, was hosted by Colin Macy-O’Toole from Below Deck Mediterranean and was an open question-and-answer hour with fans.

Captain Lee Rosbach and Colin Macy-O'Toole
Captain Lee Rosbach and Colin Macy-O’Toole | Photo courtesy of Stars Marketing Group

Although Rosbach has answered this question dozens of times, he added some pretty surprising new crew members to his team. Also, most of his dream deck team was made up of women.

So who did he choose and which crew member do Rosbach and fans really want to see return?

Everyone wants Josiah Carter back

Second stew Josiah Carter won the hearts of both the fans and the crew after his appearance during season 6. His dry sense of humor and fast friendship with chief stew Kate Chastain made him a fan favorite. But when he didn’t return for season 7, fans called foul. A number of people, including crew, would love to see him return. Especially Rosbach.

He began his dream team compilation with the most obvious cast member — chief stew Kate Chastain. “Obviously I’d have Kate because Kate is a rock star,” Rosbach remarked to a packed crowd. This assertion was met with resounding applause. “It doesn’t make any difference what task I give her. She just goes out there. She takes it upon herself, she gets it done. She’s innovative. She’s creative. And she doesn’t come to me with bulls**t problems that I don’t need to deal with.”

But when it came to second stew, Rosbach went right for Carter. “Along those lines, I’d probably have Josiah back,” he continued to more applause. “He’s a classically trained butler which means he’s probably overqualified, but he adapted really, really well.”

Girls rule on this deck crew

Rosbach has had to tackle the deck crew dream team question in the past. But this time he would love to see Baker Manning from season five and Connie Arias from season three. Rosbach added he’d also like to work with bosun Eddie Lucas again too.

“I liked Baker,” he said. “Baker was just a hard-working girl and she wore her feelings on her sleeve, which I didn’t mind one goddamn bit because I’m the same way.”

When it came to Arias, Rosbach shared a hilarious story, which makes Arias one of the best pranksters on the show. “She had such a sense of humor,” Rosbach recalled. “I was telling Colin backstage that Connie would get up in the morning and she would watch one of the deckhands. And she knew which leg of his shorts he put on first.”

“So then she’d sew the other [leg] and she watched him try to get into it and he’d be stumbling and then fall over,” he says as the audience burst into hysterical laughter. But once the deckhand would finally get dressed and put on his shoes, he’d be greeted with more of Arias’ handiwork. “That’s not the end of it because he’d go to put on his shoes. But she’d put toothpaste in his shoes.”