Exclusive: Why Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher Thinks She Self-Sabotaged Throughout Her Season

Bachelorette fans get to relive the magic and drama of JoJo Fletcher’s season during tonight’s The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!

Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher attend the 2018 CMT Artists of The Year at Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher | Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Showbiz Cheat Sheet recently spoke to Fletcher about her partnership with KILZ Premium Primer. She and KILZ are giving one DIYer a $5,000 e-gift card to work on a project of their choice and the opportunity to chat with JoJo about DIY tips and tricks. We also asked the former bachelorette about how she feels about re-watching her season.

“I cried a ton. I cried so much. Like, you look like you were in love with every single person you send home,” she told SCS exclusively, reflecting on her time in the lead role. “I don’t like hurting anyone’s feelings. So I was a wreck every time I sent someone home. That’ll be funny to watch back.”

JoJo Fletcher says she got in her own head when she was the bachelorette

Fletcher also shared that she feels as though she did a good amount of self-sabotaging during her season, particularly when it came to her relationship with her now-fiancé Jordan Rodgers.

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“Well, poor Jordan. He really gave me no reason to have any doubts with him. But in the back of my head, you think, ‘This is too good to be true. He’s probably this way in real life.’ I had no reason to think that. I just made it up. You start to fall for somebody and you feel these feelings that are a little scary because they’re so real,” she said.

Fletcher continued: “And then those insecurities pop up and you start creating problems that don’t need to be there. I for sure did that. Poor Jordan had to deal with it. But I’m so glad that I got through it and proved all those fears wrong.”

Why Jordan Rodgers hasn’t ever watched JoJo Fletcher’s season of ‘The Bachelorette’ (until tonight)

Tonight will actually be Rodgers’ first time watching all of Fletcher’s Bachelorette season.

“I will say that I did get lucky the first time around because Jordan didn’t watch any of it. And now he’s really excited to watch,” she said.  

As for why Rodgers decided against watching the season initially, Fletcher says they opted out of watching together in an effort to minimize “real life” challenges.

“I know he watched the first couple but he was like, ‘I don’t really need to see it. I know what happened,’” she said. “I mean, listen, when we first got together you go from living in fantasy land to real life and real life is kind of tough. So I don’t think there was a point in adding to that.”

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Today, though, Fletcher and Rodgers are ready to grab a bowl of popcorn and laugh their way through the episode.

“Now, obviously, we’re four or five years down the road and very secure in our relationship. So now he’s ready to eat some popcorn and make a few jokes at me while we watch it,” she said.  

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