‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: Anthony Mackie Will Not Be the Only Captain America on the Disney+ Series

Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson will be the next Captain America following the events of Avengers: Endgame in the upcoming series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) passed the mantle to Sam in the final moments of the movie, and the story of that transition will take center stage in the upcoming Disney+ series. But Mackie won’t be the only actor portraying the iconic superhero in the show.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier stars Sebastian Stan Anthony Mackie
‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ stars Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Mackie confirms he is the new Captain America

Ever since Steve handed Sam his shield in Endgame, fans have been wondering what will happen next with Mackie’s character. The actor is set to play one of the leads in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and it sounds like he will make his big debut as the new Captain America in the series.

While promoting the new season of Altered Carbon, Mackie opened up about his thoughts on playing a popular character like Cap. According to Canoe, Mackie revealed that he is looking forward to representing everyone in the country, regardless of race.

“At this day and age in America, I think we are open-minded to the idea of having my face represent us, as a country,” he explained. “To be Captain America, I want my Captain America to represent everybody. Not just a specific group of people.”

Mackie also teased that fans will learn more about Sam’s history, something Marvel really didn’t get a chance to explore in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He did not reveal any other details about the show, but fans are convinced Sam won’t be the only Captain America in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Will there be two Captain Americas?

Rather than allowing Sam an easy transition as the new Captain America, fans are theorizing that Marvel is going to make things hard for him early on. To that end, the show will introduce another character who is competing for Cap’s shield.

Marvel has not confirmed the Falcon and the Winter Soldier rumors, but sources claim that Sam will lose the shield to John Walker, who is being played by Wyatt Russell in the new series.

A few leaked photos from the set seemingly show another person wearing the Captain America costume. It is difficult to say what is going on in the photos, but a new video has surfaced that shows the different Captain America fighting alongside what appears to be Bucky (Sebastian Stan).

Filming for Falcon and the Winter Soldier is in the final stages. The series is set to premiere this summer, so we’ll probably hear more about the project as we get closer to the first episode.

‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ clip shows different Cap

The video in question clearly features a fight scene between Captain America and a bunch of goons. Cap easily fights off the men, though the context around the scene remains unclear.

What is interesting about the Falcon and the Winter Soldier clip — which was shared on social media — is that it shows what looks like Bucky opening up an armored car in the background. A handful of hostages pour out of the van and Bucky quickly escorts them to safety.

We do not know if the scene features some kind of collaboration between Bucky and the other Cap, but it definitely looks like they are teaming up.

If that is the case, then Bucky’s friendship with Sam could be strained on the show. That said, it is possible that the other Cap is also a good guy and that all three of them are working together.

At this point, it is just too early to tell what is really going on. Hopefully, that will change over the next few months.

This character will return in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Aside from two Captain Americas, Falcon and the Winter Soldier will reportedly see the return of a few characters from Captain America: Civil War.

A rumor recently surfaced about how Batroc the Leaper (Georges St-Pierre) will be coming back in a big way. The reports were fueled after St-Pierre recently told his Instagram followers that he is working on a new show.

Filming for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier started up around the same time St-Pierre made the announcement. Marvel, of course, has not commented on the reports surrounding the upcoming series.

Fans can watch Mackie take Cap’s mantle when Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres on Disney+ in August.