‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’: Anthony Mackie Says Spending More Time With Each Character Will Make the Show Feel ‘Different’

Going from the big-screen to streaming might not sound like a world of difference, but it is for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is going to be the first test of going from a one-time cinematic event to being a recurring series on Disney+.

These differences are a lot wider than what they initially appear. Only the actors have noticed it readily after filming the series.

Anthony Mackie, in particular, has noticed the change, something he isn’t quite used to since he’s never really done episodic TV. Considering Falcon and the Winter Soldier will run half-a-dozen episodes, it’s going to help evolve these characters to a point of likely major revelations.

Mackie’s comment on this proves watching Marvel shows will be a unique experience to find character traits never seen in the movies.

Will the Avengers be more interesting in a serialized format?

A lot of Marvel fans love Sam Wilson (Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), yet viewers haven’t had a chance to learn more about them due to the movies operating at a lightning-fast pace. Even though they’ve been a part of the Avenger films for the last six years, they obviously have more complex personalities than they’ve displayed.

What those traits are may not be entirely likable either, considering six episodes will allow viewers to spend a lot of time getting into the heads of these characters. Most importantly, as Mackie said himself recently: “When you’re on a team, you play your role. But with this, you really get to see who the characters are in their lives between the movies.”

Learning about the friendship between Sam and Bucky should be insightful since those aspects have never been addressed in the movies. Of course, more of this will be filled in as more Disney+ shows debut, including WandaVision and Loki.

That particular Sam/Bucky friendship might be a bit strained based on the issues they’ll reportedly have to contend with in a post-Endgame world.

The themes of racism could tear Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes apart

Anthony Mackie looking off camera in a suit
Anthony Mackie | Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

One of the apparent major themes in Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be Sam Wilson re-earning the Captain America title after having it taken away by the U.S. Government. John Walker is taking over said role, and he’s a white man.

The aspects of race will be inevitable, though it could extend to Sam’s longtime friendship with Bucky Barnes as Winter Soldier. There may even be some falling out between the two considering they’d both like to be Captain America. When Steve Rogers gave Sam/Falcon his shield at the end of Endgame, it’s worth pondering whether Bucky felt a tad bit envious.

Could there be some strife between the two over the battle of who wins the Captain America title? This won’t be the only thing to learn about the characters. No doubt everyone will learn what they do behind-the-scenes and how their own private lives are coping with the post-snap world.

All of this will use a different rhythm from what Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are used to, so Marvel fan reactions will be worth looking at.

Will Marvel Cinematic Universe viewers have the patience to deal with multiple episodes?

There may be Marvel Cinematic Universe fans who feel impatient having to wait every week (Fridays) for a new episode. After all, they’re used to seeing three-hour epics with these Avengers in one sitting.

When put all together, Falcon and the Winter Soldier may end up being an experiment in how everyone reacts to the ensuing shows working the same way. No doubt the reactions will be positive if perhaps complaints of not having all episodes dumped at once.

If Disney+ ever did such a thing, don’t be surprised if fans would watch all six hours in one day as their own extended cut Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.