‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’ Will Pick Up Right Where ‘Endgame’ Left Off

A lot of questions still exist about what America is like in the immediate time period after Avengers: Endgame ended. Speculation has already been rampant it’s complete earthly chaos due to overpopulation to complacent bliss due to the snap being reversed.

Everyone will know by August when Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finally debuts, a little ahead of schedule. It’s also confirmed the show takes place immediately after all Endgame events. What this means is hard to tell from the “blink and you’ll miss it” trailer released not long ago.

There might be a few clues available based on some quick shots. If it’s true the show will explore elements of racism in America after Endgame time, it might give an explanation to the downside of bringing people back from the dead.

Will ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ be a bit prescient about our own future?

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Also confirmed recently is that the above show will take place in 2023, the time period when Endgame occurred. Being three years away from where we really are in America, there’s a lot to explore about our own reality.

Whether the show will go in this direction is another question. One thing pop culture fans have noticed over the years is more than a few sci-fi movies set in the future have predicted a few eerie things. Most accurate of all is arguably Back to the Future Part 2 from 1989, most notably in the technology we use 30 years later.

In Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it’s worth pondering if they’ll predict a few things beyond the scope of Avenger fiction. So far, the trailer shows evidence of a 2023 G20 summit in New York, something based somewhat on reality.

Media sites like Screen Rant predict the G20 summit going at the time of the show is dealing with the economic and sociological challenges imposed when half of all life returned. However, the populace does seem to be in a celebratory frame of mind based on shots of arena crowds.

Celebrating Captain America, but also a possible underbelly of racism in America

According to further reports, the Avengers lie to the public about Captain America and tell them he died during the battle with Thanos. Of course, old Steve Rogers has been living incognito up to this time. Whether he shows up or not is still up in the air, unless Chris Evans shot a secret cameo in his old Steve makeup.

He’s no longer the focus, though. The real story is the U.S. Government picking John Walker to be the new Captain America rather than Sam Wilson. What everyone wants to know is whether Sam willingly chose to not be Captain America, or if the government forced a white man to take his place.

Based on the rumors of the show exploring racism, it might be the latter scenario. It may broach the subject of the real emboldened racism America is seeing again of late. This time, it’s fast-forwarded to three years from now when maybe things have worsened, outside of the jubilation of the dead coming back to life.

Exploring a dichotomy of those things could make Falcon and the Winter Soldier one of the most complex and interesting Marvel products made to date.

Will audiences look back and say the show predicted a similar trajectory?

With overpopulation another problem in our world, it starts to make the mind reel at how much this Marvel show could predict for the world’s trajectory. There might even be some who contend the dead really will rise after an Armageddon soon, leading to a similar situation as the reverse snap.

Even if not, dealing with population growth is still a relevant subject. Also, having a new generation pop up that has to learn about racism and not repeating the past will be important.

Outside of the joy apparently present in half of the world populace returning to life after five years, the show may remind everyone some people never change from being bad.