‘Family Feud’: Steve Harvey Couldn’t Handle ‘Orange’ Being the Actual Response to a Question

One of the most popular game shows of all time is the hilarious Family Feud

One of the few games shows with the audience to compete with titans of the genre like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud has only gained popularity since its premiere on July 12, 1976.

A large part of the show’s success comes from the energetic and hilarious hosts that have run the show through the years, including current host Steve Harvey. Another reason for the show’s popularity comes from the interesting and sometimes adult-themed questions that are asked and answered during gameplay.

Many times, these two elements come together, and Harvey uses his wit to point out and react to the ridiculousness of the hilarious answers given by contestants. 

What is ‘Family Feud?’ 

Steve Harvey on 'Family Feud'

Family Feud was created by Mark Goodson, who is also responsible for the creation of such game shows as Match Game, Card Sharks, and The Price Is Right. The point of the game is to be the first family to gain 300 points, which can be accomplished by guessing all of the correct answers on the board, or stealing points after the competing family gets three strikes for wrong guesses.

In the show’s current version, the winning family gets the chance to play fast money with the chance to win $20,000 and a new car. The first host of the show was Richard Dawson, who had the strange habit of kissing female contestants of the show on the mouth.

Dawson handed off his hosting duties to Ray Combs in 1994, and the current host is the stand-up comedian turned host Harvey. The current host is frequently credited for raising the show’s popularity and ratings, partially due to his hilarious antics and interactions with the contestants. 

Who is Steve Harvey?

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Harvey became the host of Family Feud in 2010 and has hosted the show ever since. Before becoming the host, Harvey had a successful acting and stand-up comedy career. He is also a successful author, releasing a total of four extremely popular self-help books.

Besides his game show hosting, Harvey is known for hosting the Miss Universe pageant, and especially remembered for his role in the 2015 pageant. Harvey infamously named the incorrect winner of the contest in 2015, which became an internet sensation for the night and day after. The experienced host quickly recovered from his now-legendary mistake, and continued to host the pageant in the following years.

Harvey is also the host of the spinoff of his game show, Celebrity Family Feudin which famous families compete to win money for charity. 

What was the ‘Family Feud’ answer that Harvey couldn’t handle? 

When playing the game, contestants sometimes throw out seemingly random guesses that are unexpected, wild, and hilarious answers. When this happens, Harvey is known to respond with his over the top reactions, many of which involve the host of the show playfully making fun of the answer and the contestant.

In one of these situations, Harvey could not control himself after a family guessed an expected fruit to clear the board. The question that was posed was, “name something you practice kissing with,” to which a Finch family member excitedly answered “orange!”

Harvey could not believe this answer, and let the family know how ridiculous he thought the answer was.

Throughout the round, Harvey had poked fun at the family’s funny answers, and clearly did not think that practicing kissing with an orange would be the answer to win the round. The host was proven wrong when the number six card turned around and dinged, with the answer “fruit/orange,” right in front of him.

All Harvey could do to react was throw his card to the ground and bend over in disbelief.