‘Family Karma’ Fans Hope Bravo Teased Season 2

Was Bravo trying to tell Family Karma fans that they may get that second season? The network dropped a cryptic tweet about “a show” getting another season and Family Karma fans instantly latched onto the hint.

Anisha Ramakrishna, Chitra Ramakrishna, Ram Ramakrishna from 'Family Karma'
Anisha Ramakrishna, Chitra Ramakrishna, Ram Ramakrishna |Tommy Garcia/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“Happy #InternationalTeaDay! Here’s today’s tea,” the network tweeted in late May. “A season 2 will be announced next month.” Bravo cleverly surrounded the text inside a digital cup of tea too.

A few series launched in 2019 so the network could be referring to Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Casting directors have already put out the call for sailing yachties. But Bravo also introduced Camp Getaway, which just rolled out a few weeks ago. But, many Family Karma fans seem to be taking the hint as a good sign.

Ratings increased during season 1

Even with a loyal fanbase, cable ratings often dictate if a show will return. Family Karma‘s ratings were lower than other Bravo hit shows but respectable and strong for the first season of an entirely new show.

The show only had eight episodes. Compared to other series, Family Karma received about half of the episodes typically run. The show also did not have a season reunion either. Nevertheless the season finale finished strong. “S01E08 – 0.712 million viewers (0.20 18-49 demo),” according to Bravo Ratings.

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In the tweet, Bravo Ratings shared that a second season was likely. Bravo Ratings also tracked an increase in the target demographics too. Bravo Ratings tweeted toward the end of the season, “S01E06 – 0.690 million viewers (0.23 18-49 demo) *season high in demo*.”

And ratings are everything

Andy Cohen, who is the executive producer of the Housewives franchise shared that he looks for ratings to increase as the season unfolds. He shared in an Instagram story that a ratings drop was why the network canceled The Real Housewives of Miami.

“The reason that we let it go was, I remember the ratings went down toward the end of the season,” he said in an Instagram story. “Which never happens. Like it went down for the reunion, and if it’s going down toward the end that’s just never a good sign. But anyway, I hear your love all the time and really appreciate the show and the women.”

‘Family Karma’ producer hopes for another season too

Executive producer Ian Gelfand discussed what it was like to work on Family Karma. He told Kate Casey on her Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast that he loved the liveliness of the series. “It was such a colorful world and a great cast,” he said. “I was taken by that development reel.”

“The parent-child relationship was really for me was the best part of the show,” he added.“Like with Housewives, it’s the parents, you’re seeing the parents. Some have little kids some have teenagers. You see some of that relationship, but you see it from the parent’s point of view. This, everybody has a parent. Not everybody has kids and here you see that parent-child relationship from the child’s point of view. And from the adult child.”

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Gelfand seemed optimistic about another season too. “It was very well received. The ratings did very well for it,” he said. “It has the things it needs for a positive response.”