Here’s What Fans Learned From Ethan and Grayson Dolan’s Video With Shane Dawson

Fans love these YouTubers for their fun and silly videos. Now, the duo decided to share a personal announcement to their subscribers, featuring Shane Dawson. What was the Dolan Twins’ big decision? How did the fans react to this change? Learn more about it, here.

The Dolan Twins end their weekly videos for the first time since they were 14-years-old

These YouTubers truly earned their 10 million subscribers. Ethan and Grayson Dolan posted videos every Tuesday since they were 14-years-old. In their video entitled, “It’s Time To Move On,” the two stated that they potentially stunted their personal growth by focusing on their videos.

Now, after about five years of constant content, the Dolan Twins decided to take a step back from their YouTube to enjoy their lives and to grieve the death of their father. They opened up about this decision during a conversation with Shane Dawson.

The Ethan and Grayson Dolan discussed their decision with Shane Dawson

The Dolan Twins began their video, saying they wanted to reach out for help regarding this decision. As a result, they met up with YouTuber Shane Dawson at his house. The three discussed the reason why the Dolan Twins want to produce less content, and Shane Dawson agreed.

Within a few years, the video over three million views. Most fans were accepting of this change, agreeing that Ethan and Grayson Dolan need time to grieve.

Grayson Dolan and Ethan Dolan
Grayson Dolan and Ethan Dolan | Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

Fans of the Dolan twins were accepting of this change

Once Ethan and Grayson Dolan shared their announcement, fans on social media shared their support of the YouTubers. One Twitter user said, “I’m so proud of you guys for putting yourself first and being able to have this vulnerability with us. if anything, you two have only gained more respect from us and an enormous amount of support and love.”

I’ve just started watching Grayson Dolan and Ethan Dolan’s new video they don’t even realize how much they have done for me and how much they have helped me through the last few years of my life I fully support them in their decision and fully understand them, [I love you] guys,” wrote another Twitter user.

In this video, the twins also discussed topics that they were afraid to comment on in the past. That includes the passing of their father and what came along with that. Ethan explained that he had a bacterial infection from his time spent in the hospital. Grayson shared that he slipped a disc in his back from carrying his father. Fans also commented on this personal information that the Dolan twins never shared before.

“Y’all are still grieving and need to take time to process your emotions and figure out your life now. Discover what makes your soul feel alive and what you want to accomplish in life and search for deeper meaning. You deserve happiness without guilt,” said one Twitter user.

“I feel so happy you spoke about your dad. I’m 14 and lost my mom three years ago, and I really connected with your video. My best wishes go to you and Ethan… you two are so strong, and we can get through this,” another Twitter user said to Grayson Dolan. Even though the boys are taking a break from continuously producing content, they reassured fans that they will continue to make YouTube videos.

Videos by The Dolan Twins can be found in their YouTube Channel.