‘Counting On’ Fans Have the Most Bizarre Theories About Why Jana Duggar Isn’t Married

Anyone who has ever seen the TLC show Counting On knows that the Duggar family lives their life a bit differently than other American families. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 children, making the Duggars one of the largest families in the country. And Michelle and Jim Bob raised their children very religiously. With that, the Duggars tend to get married very young and start having children soon after they wed. But the Duggars’ oldest daughter, Jana Duggar, is 29 and still unmarried. And some fans have the most bizarre theories about why she hasn’t wed.

Jana Duggar and sisters
Jana Duggar, far left, is the only one of the older Duggar sisters who is unmarried. | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Arguably the most popular theory is that Jana might be gay and unable to come out

One of the most common suspicions among Counting On fans is that Jana is a lesbian. The Duggars are deeply rooted in religion, and God only believes that marriage can happen between a man and a woman. This means that should any of the Duggars be gay, they more than likely would not be accepted by their family. With that said, many Counting On fans suspect that Jana might be gay, but since her family would never accept her for that, she has chosen to stay single her whole life. There were rumors that Jana was romantically involved with her close friend Laura DeMasie, but the Duggar family shut those down.

Jana Duggar seems to enjoy living the single life.

Some fans think Jim Bob is preventing Jana from marrying

Another fan theory that has started to surface is the idea that Jim Bob might be preventing his daughter from marrying so that she can help take care of the younger children. Although there is nothing to base this theory on other than the fact that Jana still lives at home, fans seem to think it’s a plausible idea. The Duggars aren’t allowed to leave home until they marry, so fans think that once Jim Bob realized Jana wasn’t meeting “the one” at a young age like his other daughters, he decided that he wouldn’t allow her to marry until all of the other children were raised, since Michelle is getting older and needs some help.

Some even think that Jana’s parents forbid her from marrying after the Josh Duggar scandal leaked

One last theory, which is among the more far-fetched ones (though they all are), is similar to the previous one in that it suggests Jim Bob isn’t allowing Jana to marry. However, the reason is different. One Reddit user thinks that Jim Bob won’t allow Jana to marry because she is secretly the one who exposed Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse scandal back in 2015 (Josh sexually abused family and friends in the early 2000s). Then, since Jim Bob and Michelle had to deal with the fallout, Jim Bob essentially punished Jana by deciding she wouldn’t be allowed to marry. Far-fetched, we know, but everyone has their conspiracy theories.

Jana probably just hasn’t found the right person  

Realistically, all of these theories are probably incorrect. Jana most likely just hasn’t met the right person yet and will get married when she’s ready. She once wrote in an Instagram post about her father that she hopes to marry a man like him someday, which pretty much disproves the theory that Jim Bob is preventing her from finding a partner. Jana might be happy with the single life and enjoy not having to answer to anyone (since the Duggar women tend to have little voice in their marriages). Time will tell if she ever ties the knot.