Fans Accuse Kim Kardashian West of “Forcing” Plant-Based Diet Onto Her Kids

Kim Kardashian West is once again at the center of online criticism, but this time, she’s being accused of “child cruelty” after revealing to fans that her oldest children eat “plant-based” diets.

The reveal came during a Twitter Q&A when a fan asked the reality star if her kids follow her same eating habits. After confirming this little known fact, fans soon began attacking the reality star for “forcing” her plant-based diet on her young children.

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Taylor Hill/WireImage

Kardashian recently opened up about her family’s eating habits

Kardashian West has faced some pretty intense backlash over the years, but this is the first time fans are slamming for her children’s eating habits.

On Feb. 4, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star took to Instagram to answer a few fan questions about her life.

Though she was mostly asked about some of her favorite things — like her most preferred movie and go-to snack — one follower asked, “@KimKardashian, do the kids eat plant-based too?”

Kardashian West replied with, “Yes they do! North is a pescatarian though.”

After retweeting the question with her response, people began flooding the comments, slamming the reality star for imposing her “plant-based” diet on her children — with many pointing out that kids that young need protein from meat.

“Stop putting kids on vegan lmao they need meat and everything they can decide for themselves when they are older,” one fan tweeted.

“The children need some protein from meat, at least when they are young!” another follower wrote.

Some claim that Kardashian’s oldest daughter, North, doesn’t even know what pescetarianism is and shouldn’t be on this type of diet at the age of six.

“What 6 year old has ever said “I’m a pescatarian!” ffs i didn’t even know what that was until about 15 seconds ago,” someone else penned.

A few even think that Kardashian’s being hypocritical, seeing as though she once criticized sister Kourtney for forcing her kids to follow strict diets and refusing to let them have sugar at a Candyland-themed birthday party.

The reality star recently made this change to her diet

Seeing as though Kardashian recently adopted her plant-based diet, it doesn’t come as a shock that her children (aside from North) have followed in her footsteps.

The reality star first announced this major change to her diet back in April 2019 when she posted a video to her Instagram Story, showing off one of her plant-based food dishes.

“I am eating all plant-based when I am home,” she as she panned the camera over a plate of what appeared to be chopped sweet potatoes and seasoned avocado slices.

Since then, the KKW mogul has given fans glimpses at her many different plant-based meals on her Instagram Story.

From her vegan breakfast dishes to an “all-vegan” Mexican inspired meal, Kardashian has been sticking to her diet and eating plant-based when she’s home.

While the extent of her kids’ plant-based diets remains unknown, we recently found out that the West children indulge in only the best when it comes to food.

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Back in January 2019, the mom of four revealed on his Instagram story that her kids all drink a different kind of milk and showed off one of her many refrigerators, which is fully stocked with cartons of lactose-free and oat milk.

And thanks to the star’s in-home chefs, the entire West family enjoys some of the best plant-based meals that look to be incredibly delicious.

So whether or not fans agree with Kardashian allowing her children to eat plant-based, it appears that this diet has been a success in the West household.