Fans Accused Jill Duggar of Breaking the Law, and Here’s Why

With so many members of the Duggar family (21 total, to be exact), there’s bound to be a few fans love keeping up with more than others. And while Jill Duggar no longer appears on Counting On, she still has a super solid fan base that loves keeping up with her online. From her Instagram followers to those who religiously read the blog she has with controversial husband Derick Dillard, we all love to see what the couple are getting into next.

Unfortunately, while Jill seems incredibly sweet and mild-mannered, she can’t seem to stay out of hot water. Some fans have even accused her of plagiarizing some of her online work. Here’s why her followers have lashed out.

Jill has a passion for food and sharing her family’s recipes

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Before any discussion of breaking the law ever occurred, Jill was innocently sharing her family’s recipes online. The Dillard family blog includes everything from what Jill and Derick are up to with their two children to Jill’s favorite meals she feeds her family. And many of her meals are ones that she claims to have grown up with her whole life. On her “Pops’ BBQ Tuna Fish” blog post, for example, she explains how her father, Jim Bob, came to develop the infamous recipe and why she’s still eating and serving it to her own family today.

While Jill may love to cook and share what she’s up to in the kitchen, it’s clear she’s never had any real culinary training, however. Everything she knows about making food comes from her parents and siblings — and when you have a household of over 20, that means there’s not necessarily room for fresh ingredients in the budget. For this reason, many of her recipes contain canned or shelved ingredients only, which she continually gets dinged for.

She’s been accused of plagiarizing the recipes she shares

Jill’s recipes seem totally unique to what she and the rest of the Duggars ate growing up, but some fans have accused her of stealing recipes from others and claiming them as her own. In Touch Weekly notes Jill first aroused suspicion when she posted a recipe for stuffed zucchini that’s allegedly Derick’s favorite. While her husband may love the dish, fans noted Jill actually took a recipe from verbatim — and she even used the photo of the dish from the website, too. It was only after fans pointed out the error of her ways did she add any credit for the recipe or the photo.

That’s not the last time Jill found herself in trouble with fans, either. Others noted that her slow chicken mole recipe was allegedly taken from Chowhound, and she had another recipe that was taken from another website. None of these “stolen” recipes had links back to the original content, either. In Touch Weekly notes one fan commented, “I don’t understand how the Dillards ignore their theft of another’s intellectual property & artwork by not crediting & linking their work.”

Either way, her fans still put her down for her food choices

Whether Jill is still sharing recipes and not crediting the original poster or not, there’s one thing that still stands true — and that’s that fans are ready to criticize just about any meal she’s sharing. On her Instagram post for “Keller Chicken Etti,” one fan noted, “Let’s start a gofundme for a cook book for your family.” And that’s tame compared to what another one of her followers wrote. “Disgusting as usual. Do you have an aversion against actual cooking?” they said.

It seems Jill has been trying to add more veggies into her family recipes as of late, however, as she recently posted her recipe for Sweet Green Beans that many commended. As for if the recipe is taken from another site, we’ll have to see what the sleuths of the internet can find.

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