Fans Are Already Begging PBS for ‘Sanditon’ Season 2, But They May Be Disappointed

Sanditon only started airing in the U.S. on Jan. 12, but fans of the series are already begging PBS for a season 2. The show, which adapts Jane Austen’s final, unfinished novel, stars Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood, a young woman who travels to the seaside resort town of Sanditon for a summer and learns some valuable lessons about love. But those who are hoping to return to Sanditon for follow-up season may not get their wish. 

[Spoilers ahead for Sanditon Season 1]  

U.S. audiences are already wondering about ‘Sanditon’ Season 2 

While Sanditon just started airing on PBS stations in the U.S., all eight episodes are currently available for streaming for those with a PBS Passport membership. Some viewers have already binged the whole series, and they’re hungry for more. 

“2nd Season PLEEEEEAAAASE,” one person commented on the @masterpiecepbs Instagram account. “Binged it this week! Really hope we get a second season,” another added. 

Why we may not see more of ‘Sanditon’ 

Sanditon fans who want to find out what happens to Charlotte, Sidney (Theo James), and Miss Lambe (Crystal Clarke) may need to use their imaginations. Odds are not looking good for a season 2 of the show. 

Like many costume dramas that air in the U.S., Sanditon is a British import. The show was originally broadcast on ITV in 2019. And in December 2019, the network confirmed that it didn’t plan to bring the show back for a second season. 

Outrage over the show’s ending 

Charlotte and Sidney in Sanditon
Rose Williams as Charlotte and Theo James as Sidney in Sanditon | Courtesy of © Red Planet Pictures / ITV 2019

Sandition received a lukewarm reception when it aired in the U.K., with many viewers complaining that the show wasn’t what they expected from an Austen adaptation. Some were put off by the inclusion of sex scenes and a subplot that has a pair of stepsiblings engaged in a creepy, incestuous relationship. 

But what really got people up in arms was the show’s final episode. At the beginning of the episode, Charlotte is on the verge of receiving a marriage proposal from Sidney Parker, the series’ Mr. Darcy-esque character. But in a twist, Sidney ends up proposing to his former flame, a wealthy widow whose fortune will help bail his brother out of debt. Charlotte is devastated, and the episode’s final scene sees her saying goodbye to Sidney — who tells her he doesn’t love his fiancée — then riding off in a carriage to return home to her family. 

The divisive ending appeared to be setting the show up for a second season, especially since subplots involving other characters were also left unresolved. But with ITV’s decision, it looks like viewers will never know if Sidney goes through with his plan to marry another woman, or whether Charlotte forgives him or instead decides to pursue a relationship with aspiring architect James Stringer.

Could American viewers save ‘Sandton’? 

Charlotte Heywood in Sanditon
Sanditon | Courtesy of © Red Planet Pictures / ITV 2019

While ITV has pulled the plug on Sanditon, series creator Andrew Davies says there’s still hope for the show, if American audiences make their voices heard. 

“We’d love to carry on with a second series and even more if there was an appetite for it. Because certainly the people in the UK who saw it, absolutely loved it. So it had some very passionate fans, but for ITV, we didn’t quite get enough numbers,” Davies told Decider. “So we just hope it’s a big hit in the States and that it makes ITV reconsider.”

Davies added that it was possible for PBS or another service to pick up the show. And Red Planet Pictures, which produced the show, has expressed interest in keeping the series alive.

“Hang on in there. Keep giving the show all your love because we’d love to give you lots more of it,” Davies said.