Fans Are Annoyed With ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo After Her Appearance on ‘Windy City Live’ Talk Show

Theresa Caputo has captured the attention of her audience for years. It all began with her hit show, Long Island Mediumwhich first aired on TLC back in 2011. She quickly gained a fan base for her ability to talk to spirit, but we also fell in love with her funny personality and stories of her family life.

No matter how charming Theresa’s seemed on TV, there continue to be those who are skeptical of her gift. And one of her more recent appearances on the talk show Windy City Live had her followers questioning the validity of her “gift” once again. Here’s what happened.

Theresa Caputo discussed her gift on the Windy City Live talk show this past January

We’ve heard Theresa discuss her gift for years, and she even has her entire back story on her personal website. While she started “seeing, feeling, and sensing spirit” as early as age 4, she really came into her own in her 20s after seeing a spiritual healer. Since then, she claims to have totally accepted her gift and hopes to use it to help others connect with their deceased loved ones.

Theresa explains her back story a bit when she made her most recent appearance on Windy City Live as well. “That’s the thing about my gift is that I never know what’s gonna happen,” she explains to the hosts and to the live studio audience. Theresa also went on to explain that spirits send her certain symbols, like a tightness around her throat, for example, to signify that “someone had a hard time letting go.”

Audience members didn’t seem too convinced of her gift while she was reading them

Theresa is no stranger to reading live studio audiences, as she frequently tours and is a master of connecting with her viewers quickly. While the audience of Windy City Live looked excited to hear Theresa connect them to their deceased loved ones, she seems to miss the mark as soon as she begins.

As Theresa walks over to the seated audience members, she goes over to a group of women and immediately questions about a mother figure. “I want to talk about the mother figure that passed from something of the brain,” she offers. Unfortunately for the medium, no one bites — but Theresa keeps moving and asks, “Who’s husband is departed? I go right to the next soul.” While a studio audience member connects with Theresa on the husband question, the medium then asks if her husband had issues with his legs — and that’s another miss.

Theresa plays it off well, however. “See, this is what happens,” she says. “What happens is when souls come in, they all want to talk at one time.” As her time on the show continued, Theresa seems to make a few more connections, but nonbelievers could assume they were vague cold readings. As one YouTube user commented on the clip, “She is guessing..when she is wrong she moves on fast.”

Fans’ comments also showed they don’t believe she’s a real medium

No matter how many believers or skeptics follow Theresa, only she knows the truth regarding the validity of her gift. But judging from the comments on the Windy City Live clip, it appears that many don’t really think she has any special gift at all. One commenter wrote, “Love when ‘mediums’ go on live talk shows because they have no control over the final edit. This is pathetic. She’s a terrible cold reader. Took her several attempts to pin the ‘mom talking about the brain’ on someone.” And another added, “Teresa is a fraud and those two woman are actors pretending to validate the B.S. coming out of her mouth.”

Not everyone is hating on Theresa’s reading, though. One commenter said, “No medium is spot on and if they are then you need to question it unless you ever been in there shoes u don’t know.” And as far as the skeptics are concerned, Theresa has said in the past that she pays them no mind. As the medium said during an interview with Paper Magazine, “Look, I’m the first one to say what I do is crazy. How could someone communicate with someone that is dead?” But she added that if having spirit talk through her can lighten someone’s heavy burden, then at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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