Fans Are Calling Out Kourtney Kardashian For Not Physically Disciplining Her Kids

The Kardashians have faced a ton of backlash regarding their parenting skills over the years.

While certain family members have gotten called out by fans more than others, people continue to share their thoughts on the famous family’s way of raising their own children.

Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

One family member’s parenting skills fans haven’t had much to say about has been Kourtney Kardashian.

The reality star has been applauded for the way she chooses to raise her three children but after watching the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, many fans no long agree with her parenting style.

Kardashian isn’t onboard with corporal discipline

Throughout the years, not many people have questioned Kourtney Kardashian’s way of parenting her kids.

The mother of three is constantly praised for being a hands-on parent who only wants the best for her kids at the end of the day.

While Kardashian was once comfortable raising her children in her own way, her parenting style has recently come into question after getting into a heated spat with mom Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

During the latest episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians, the reality star, along with Scott Disick, found herself arguing with Gamble over how to discipline her 7-year-old daughter, Penelope.

In the episode, Kardashian revealed that she no longer had a nanny for her daughter due to Penelope, apparently, scratching her previous nanny.

“P can be out of control,” she shared. “I think she blacks out and does these things.”

The conversation soon took a turn after Gamble interjected by saying, “If P scratch me, I’m whipping her a**.”

The tension continued to thicken as the talk around disciple went on, that is until Gamble asked Kardashian, “If your kid scratched me in the face, you don’t think they deserve to be popped?”

“Not at all,” the reality star shot back.

After a witnessing a screaming match between Kardashian, Disick, and Gamble, Kris Jenner tried to ease the situation by claiming that her beau wasn’t serious about his comments and would never hurt Penelope.

Kardashian agreed with her mother by explaining, “Because he will never be with my kids alone and if he does that in front of any of us there will be a f**king issue!”

Some fans think that Kardashian should discipline her kids

Although Kourtney Kardashian made it clear that she was not a fan of physically discipling her children, fans took to Twitter to share what they thought of her parenting style.

While some fans agreed with the reality star not resorting to corporal punishment, others mom-shamed her for being too lenient when it comes to her children.

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One Twitter user wrote, “Not trying to be the parent shamer or a judgy person but you need to get your kids in check now & take it serious now before they older because it only gets worse.”

The Poosh founder responded back to the user by sharing that she doesn’t believe in physical harm as a way to make her children behave.

“And in my opinion beating children is not the way to ‘get your kids in check,'” she wrote. “When children are hurting or frustrated, the answer is not to physically hurt them.”

Kardashian continued on replying to back to fans as she reiterated that she has and will never harm her children and shared that she was “shocked” by some people’s responses.

The reality star ended the conversation surrounding discipline by sharing that she has ways of punishing her kids without resorting to physical harm and will continue to stick by that.

“So you think physical harm is the only action? That’s sad,” Kardashian wrote. “Of course there are many consequences which we dealt with, I am very proud of my kids and being a parent isn’t always easy, but we do have consequences that don’t involve physical harm.”