Fans Are Calling out Kourtney Kardashian for Using a Plastic Bottle and Her Response Is so Mature

Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to online backlash and happens to know a thing or two about getting called out for the way she lives her life.

Most of the time, the reality star faces those persistent mom-shamers, but recently, she’s had to endure getting slammed for her not being eco-friendly, which definitely comes as a shock.

Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian | Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Fans are slamming Kardashian for going against her own morals

With our eco-system practically hanging on by a thread, many people, especially celebrities have been taking the necessary steps to eliminate plastic from their lives.

Today, many individuals opt for usable options to try and diminish the world’s pollution of single-use plastics and Kardashian happens to be one of those people.

If you’ve been a fan of the reality star for a while, then you know that she’s all about healthy living and cares a great deal about what she puts in her body.

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Seeing as though she’s big on using strictly organic materials in her everyday life, Kardashian stands clear of plastic at all costs. So you can imagine fans’ shock when they saw her drinking out of a plastic water bottle during the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Though this wasn’t a big deal to some, others were quick to point out that the Poosh founder literally bashed her sister, Kim, for drinking out of a plastic water bottle right before she was caught with one in hand.

Shortly after seeing Kardashian go against her own morals, fans took to Twitter to call her out being completely hypocritical.

Kardashian’s not offended by the backlash

After sharing a shot of her drinking out of the plastic water bottle, fans had a field day on Twitter, hilariously pointing out Kardashian’s slip up.

“Love love love that @kourtneykardash gave @KimKardashian sh*t for drinking bottled water and in the VERY SAME episode, she is seen drinking bottled water. So chaotic, I love it,” one fan tweeted.

As the tweets continued rolling in, Kardashian knew that she had to set the record straight on this whole situation and recently shared her reasoning for using a non eco-friendly material.

“I was in Kim’s office and that’s all that was there,” she tweeted.

Kardashian continued on by making it clear that she too makes mistakes from time to time, but learns from them. “No I’m not perfect, but I could have brought a reusable bottle for the day, this is true.” she tweeted along with a laughing emoji.

While many people continue giving Kourt heat for drinking from a plastic bottle, others are applauding her for admitting her mistakes.

“It’s okay!! no one can be perfect all the time, we all can only try our best!” one fan tweeted.

“People are always going to find something to talk about , none of us are perfect but you are pretty Darn Close,” another fan wrote.

“Kourtney ya hearts in the right place always trying to be environmentally friendly and try and encourage your family to do the same!” someone else expressed.

While this will probably be the first and last time we ever see Kardashian drink from a plastic water bottle, at least we now know that even she’s prone to making mistakes just like us.