Fans Are Certain Kim Kardashian West Secretly Revealed The Name of Her Fourth Child

Has Kim Kardashian already settled on a name for her fourth child?

The reality star is known for taking a little while to name her newborns, but it looks like she and Kanye West were able to find a name they both like.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | Photo by Chesnot/WireImage

Though she hasn’t officially announced it, sharp-minded fans are certain Kardashian might have just revealed her newborn son’s name.

Fans have come to the conclusion they know the baby’s name

Everyone knows that Kim Kardashian West usually waits a little while before revealing the name of her newborn baby.

She’s done it with her other three children, and her fourth baby is no different.

Though she and Kanye West just welcomed their baby boy on May 10 via surrogate, the reality has yet to share his name, until now.

After sharing a series of photos from her CBD- themed baby shower, that took place last month, a day after her son was born, fans began to speculate that Kardashian might have revealed his name.

Along with the series of photos from the baby shower, Kim Kardashian West ended all of her captions with a single teddy bear emoji.

Even one of Kim’s friends, Nicole Williams, who also attended the CBD baby shower, commented under the photos using the same teddy bear emoji.

So now, many fans are theorizing that Kim and Kanye must have named their son “Bear”.

The couple is known for giving their kids meaningful names

Though it is still up in the air, it has been revealed Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been pretty certain on the baby’s name for a few days now.

According to a source, the couple, “have had a name in mind, but wanted to meet the baby before they decided,” adding that North, Saint, and Chicago “have met their brother,” and “North seems the most excited.”

If the name “Bear” turns out being the one Kim and Kanye have gone with, it will just another unique and meaningful name the couple is known for giving their children.

Each of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s kids’ names comes from an aspect of their lives that mean something to them.

Kim and Kanye named their oldest daughter North after Anna Wintour heard a rumor that was what they were naming their first child and approved of it.

The couple named their son Saint because his birth was a miracle seeing as though Kim had such a rough pregnancy with him.

Their youngest daughter Chicago is named after Kanye’s hometown and the couple wanted to pay tribute to the city that holds a special place in the rapper’s heart.

Since fans think Kim and Kanye’s youngest child is named “Bear” they drew from the fact that Kanye is from Chicago the city’s sports teams are called the Chicago Cubs and Bears.

Now that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have their fourth baby, we are pretty certain the name “Bear” is what they are going with.

Though Kim thought about naming the baby “Rob” after her brother, “Bear” is more unique and goes with the flow of her older kids’ names!