Fans Are Concerned That ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Is Trying to Become an Actress

It may be Jenelle Evans who’s in the news lately for Teen Mom, but we all know it’s Farrah Abraham who’s made the biggest splash over the years. Since the early days of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, Farrah has proven to be a polarizing figure for her dramatic relationship with her parents and her diva-like attitude. And it wasn’t too surprising when MTV decided to part ways with the star, though she still maintains that she left on her own accord. While Farrah may no longer be part of the Teen Mom franchise, there’s no doubt she brought in the viewers, as she still has a hefty social media following today.

Farrah has a significant fan base, but there are also many who love to hate on the star and her future endeavors. And now, fans are deeply concerned that she may attempt to head into the acting field after a recent Instagram post. Here’s what’s happening.

Farrah Abraham has countless business ventures, but many have failed

Not everyone’s a Farrah fan, but there’s no doubt the single mom is an ultra-hard worker. We remember seeing her multiple business ventures, like her furniture store, children’s boutique, and frozen yogurt shop, when she was on Teen Mom OG. Unfortunately, it appears many of these stores are totally out of business now — but that hasn’t stopped Farrah from trying again and again to make something work.

In the beginning of this year, we remember when Farrah started her “Farrahpy” business and promoted it via Instagram. And she also seems to be doing a lot of work with fashion brand PrettyLittleThing to boost her income, too. We’re not sure what Farrah’s financial situation is like at the moment, but many are starting to wonder if the star is completely out of money, as she’s also allegedly failed to pay legal bills and has been slammed by a few of her promoters in the past.

She’s alluded on Instagram that acting may be her next avenue

Farrah may no longer be part of Teen Mom, but can we expect to see her again on the big screen? She recently posted a video on Instagram exhibiting a few of her acting skills, and it’s making some think she’s trying to make a career in Hollywood. In the video, Farrah’s seen taking on the role of a divorce lawyer, and she even added the hashtag “#acting” that further clued fans in on what she may be up to next.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Farrah potentially moving toward a career in Hollywood, either. Back in 2018, The Hollywood Gossip reported that Farrah was attempting to make a feature film about her life after the release of her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended. So far, we haven’t heard of any formal news regarding a film about Farrah’s life, but perhaps that’s still in the pipeline and we just don’t know it.

Many of her followers are not supportive of this at all

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Could Farrah hack it in Hollywood? Unfortunately, her Instagram followers certainly don’t believe in her abilities. “So, now that Kim K is becoming a lawyer, you’re wanting to do the same in acting? How pathetic? You can’t even be original at all. Let’s not even start about this ‘acting,'” one of her followers commented on the video. And another added, “This is the worst acting I have ever seen. People won’t listen to 2 minutes of that voice, much less a whole video. Farrah for the sake of humanity please check yourself into a mental institution.”

There were a few positive comments on the video that supported Farrah’s acting skills — but her followers also slammed those comments and claimed they were fake. We’re guessing Farrah saw all the negative commentary, too, as she commented a heart emoji back to one of her more positive followers. But she generally doesn’t pay attention to any of hate she receives, which makes us think she may go for that Hollywood career after all.

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