Fans Are Confident Future Spider-Man Movies Will Succeed as Long as Marvel and Sony Work Together

The MCU thought long-term when planning out an arc for the Avengers, with Tony Stark and Thor now the two with the longest stories stretched out over a decade. Their stories may not be completely done either with rumors of Robert Downey, Jr. coming back as Iron Man. Then there’s Spider-Man/Peter Parker with a million question marks about his future.

After the Disney/Sony divorce and then remarriage, it pulled fans in a million directions about where Spidey is going on the big screen. From the perspective of Tom Holland, he wants to play the character for as long as possible.

Nobody should blame him considering this is the most compelling character study ever created for Spider-Man. Most fans are speaking up about Marvel and Sony sticking together through thick and thin for years ahead.

Does Spider-Man really have the best long-term story?

Tom Holland on the red carpet
Tom Holland | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

When put all together, this more recent version of Spider-Man/Peter Parker is far more in-depth than ever done prior. While everyone was initially skeptical when Peter became a high school kid, Holland managed to make him more complex and more interesting than the Tobey Maguire version before him.

At stake, though, is whether this potentially fulfilling Spider-Man epic can truly be completed. Sony and Marvel still may have to work out a deal that goes beyond just a couple of years from now.

So far, the deal means completing the MCU trilogy, plus one standalone film. After that, things are a bit up in the air, especially with Bob Chapek now taking over the Disney CEO role from Bob Iger.

A huge compendium of villains lie in wait for Spidey, though, and fans on Reddit are noting just how far the franchise could potentially stretch. These fans are calling out Marvel and Sony to work in solidarity to make sure it happens.

Will it become reality? Based on the immediacy of making a deal the last time due to emotional response, it might happen again without a tipsy phone call from Tom Holland.

How long can the Spider-Man franchise last with Tom Holland?

One fan noted they want to see Spidey fight the Sinister Six, which seems inevitable soon. However, they also want to see the entire rogue gallery of villains in coming years from Venom to the return of Norman Osborn.

Most interesting is some also want to see Parker move beyond high school and into the realm of a college trilogy, then on to adulthood. Analysts have looked at such a possibility and whether Marvel would allow Tom Holland to play the character for literal decades.

No actor has ever played a superhero for longer than a decade in movies or TV.  This only happened because of the continuous bias toward age and the perception superheroes can’t be superheroes anymore once turning 35.

Imagining an aging Spider-Man would make him all the more human. And having Tom Holland involved would be preferred because of his deep dives into Parker’s psyche.

Fan response is proven to make things happen

Much of what happens with Spider-Man will depend on fan response to the next films. With Kevin Feige involved with them, no doubt they’ll be step-ups from the previous efforts. Afterward, fans will probably beg for more.

Even if Spider-Man leaves the MCU, going to Sony could be a great creative disruption, leading to some wild new directions. Ideally, fans want the character to shift back and forth between Marvel and Sony, leaving it open to experimenting while keeping his home studio base.

Those who’d rather see more experimentation may love seeing Tom Holland show up in the Spider-Verse franchise at Sony where he can be in connection with Miles Morales and all the multiverse incarnations.

Seeing him fit in there would probably make Parker feel more humbled about not being the only Spider-Man out there. It’s a trait this Parker already has in making him different from the ordinary.