Fans Are Convinced Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Are On The Verge of Splitting Up

You would think that knowing your every move is documented and broadcast to the public would be enough to keep celebrities in relationships from partaking in behavior that will get them in trouble with their significant others, but that’s simply not the case. Cheating scandals continue to rock the entertainment world.

Whether it’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s steamy on-screen romance that made its way off the set or Ben Affleck getting caught with the nanny, celebrities continue to land themselves in relationship-ending hot water when they stray outside the lines of fidelity. Will Justin Timberlake soon add his name to this growing list of scandalized Hollywood men? Some fans are convinced he’s well on his way. 

Justin Timberlake was caught on camera canoodling a co-star 

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake | Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Timberlake recently made headlines explode when he was in New Orleans relaxing off the set of Palmer, which is filming in the city. He was seen getting uncomfortably cozy with his co-star, Alisha Wainwright. To make matters even worse, someone took photographs of the illicit cuddlefest, and Timberlake found himself in the middle of a flurry of fans trying to decipher his every move. 

While there was no kissing — at least not caught on film — the images clearly show Wainwright’s hand resting a little too familiarly on the inside of the actor’s thigh. In another shot, the pair are clearly holding hands. It might not be a completely earth-shattering revelation of cheating, but it certainly had many fans, who have seen Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel epitomize “relationship goals,” upset and confused. 

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have a fan-worthy romance

Adding fuel to the flames surrounding this potential affair is the fact that Timberlake and Biel are so beloved as a couple. The pair began dating way back in 2007, but things moved slowly.

Timberlake was on tour shortly after they started their relationship, so it took a while for the status to get serious. It wasn’t long, though, before it was clear that the pair was destined for bigger things.

Timberlake proposed while he and Biel were on vacation in Wyoming. He wore the engagement ring on his own finger while they were out and about in the mountains, waiting for Biel to spot it. The pair wed in Italy in 2012. 

Their goofy antics and fun social media pics earned them many adoring fans. The love was only intensified when they added to their family in 2015. The couple has one child together: a son named Silas.

As of 2018, both Biel and Timberlake were openly discussing having a bigger family as the years go by. 

Justin Timberlake has apologized for his bad behavior 

Since the damaging photos surfaced, Timberlake has come out to publicly apologize for his behavior. In an Instagram post, Timberlake stated that he “displayed a strong lapse in judgment” and “should have known better.”

While he reiterated that “nothing happened” between him and Wainwright, he did go on to say that he was putting his son and “amazing wife” through an “embarrassing situation” and wants to be focused on “being the best husband and father” that he can. 

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been fighting

Will that apology be enough? It’s hard to say. But InTouch reports that things have been rocky for the couple for months.

“They’ve been fighting to save the marriage for the sake of Silas, but the photos of him wasted and being all handsy with Alisha is the final nail in the coffin,” the source ominously explains. 

Is this truly the end for Biel and Timberlake? With more than a decade of commitment in their relationship and a child together, fans can hope that the pair are able to work through this rough patch and come out on the other side unscathed. But rumors of the couple fighting, coupled with the recent PDA scandal, have fans concerned things are not going to end well.