Fans Are Freaking Out From What ‘Property Brothers’ Drew Scott Just Wrote on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram

From flipping homes in record time to gaining redecorating inspiration, there’s a reason fans love HGTV. And when it comes to favorites from the network, there’s no doubt Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame as well as Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott have captured the hearts of fans over the years. Not only have we gotten an inside look into their incredible home transformations, but we’ve also gotten to know the Gaines’ and the Scotts on a personal level.

Now, it seems fans are freaking out because of an interaction Drew Scott just had on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram. Here’s what he wrote.

Drew Scott gave a clue he’s planning on having kids on Joanna’s Instagram

The Gaines family has grown quite a following over the years — and they’ve been gaining particular attention after the birth of their fifth baby, Crew. While we remember when Joanna was first discussing her pregnancy with Crew in 2018, she recently posted an adorable photo of the baby. Fans noticed he’s growing up fast on one of her recent Instagram posts of him lying in her lap. “I think it’s time for the next size up #sixmonths,” she captioned the photo.

Eagle-eyed fans who were watching the comments noticed Drew Scott also slid in with his own commentary. People reports he wrote, “We’ll be having kids soon so I’ll hit you up for hand me downs.” And those who saw the post immediately freaked out. “Woohoo! Those will be some beautiful hand me downs. Looking forward to seeing Beautiful Linda with a little baby bump!” said one Instagram user.

He’s opened up about his desire for children in the past

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We’re not sure how “soon” Drew will be having kids, but he has mentioned his love for children before, so perhaps 2019 has a lot in store for his family. People reminds us Drew recently got married in May to Linda Phan, and kids have been on the brain since the beginning of their relationship. And it seems when Drew and Linda do decide to have kids, they’re totally open to growing their family extensively.

As Drew told People regarding how many kids they want, “We don’t know — do we want to have two, four, 15? We don’t quite know.” And in the past, he also joked to reporters, “We said maybe twins, but why not have octuplets and just get it over with?” He also told reporters that his wife was “pushing for [twins]” but they’ve more realistically spoken about having between two and four children together.

As for now, they’re having a great time taking care of their nieces and nephews. “We have nieces and nephews that we get a lot of our playtime with, so for now we can get them hopped up on sugar and then pass them back to the parents,” Drew added.

Finding time for work and married life is still a delicate balance for him

While Drew certainly seems excited for his future family, it seems work-life balance might still be a struggle for the Property Brothers star. On Instagram, Drew wrote candidly about his marriage. “Getting into the swing of working and being together came naturally for us. What’s not so easy is making sure that we always make time for ourselves first,” he started. Drew also noted that he and his wife turn “everything (even our honeymoon lol) in a big group thing.” While this is great for seeing as many of their loved ones as possible, it leaves little time for just Drew and Linda to do some family planning.

Drew’s already 40 and Linda’s 33, so fans are betting they’ll be getting a move on soon with expanding their family. Perhaps that comment on Joanna’s Instagram was the final clue we all needed.

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