Fans Are Freaking Out Over Farrah Abraham’s Christmas Instagram Posts

There are few celebrities who know how to make a splash like Farrah Abraham. Originally known for her time on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and then later for Teen Mom OG, even when Farrah isn’t on TV, she’s grabbing everyone’s attention on social media.

Through Instagram and Twitter, we frequently get to see what Farrah’s up to in terms of her business and TV ventures — and we also get a glimpse into her personal life with her daughter, Sophia. While Farrah and her 9-year-old seem to have a strong relationship, that hasn’t stopped many of her followers for criticizing the Christmas-themed posts Farrah added to both her and her daughter’s Instagram. Here’s why her fans are seriously concerned.

Farrah posted extremely risqué photos of herself for Christmas

Farrah wouldn’t be Farrah without some controversy — and her Christmas photo shoot certainly started some conversation. In a series of photos posted to the star’s Instagram on Christmas day, she’s seen in a red bikini while she’s surrounded by pink decor, a pink Christmas tree, and pink gifts. “MERRY CHRISTMAS FAMILY may you get your gifts, joy, wishes, hopes & dreams in 2019,” she captioned the post. And though she added some nice sentiments to a few of the photos about how cherishing God and the people around you is the most important aspect of the holiday season, fans felt like her photos didn’t exactly reflect that.

“Please stop Farrah. This is not a good look,” one user commented on her Instagram photo. “It’s Jesus’s birthday, put some clothes on,” another said. Users are never surprised by Farrah’s outrageous posts, but even so, many considered this to be way over the top for the season.

Fans also criticized this photo of Sophia

It wasn’t just Farrah’s Instagram account that her followers criticized. She also runs Sophia’s Instagram — and this photo of the 9-year-old shows just how much makeup she was wearing as she was preparing to celebrate the night prior to Christmas Eve. Fans were disturbed by Sophia’s adult look given that she hasn’t yet reached her teen years. As one user commented, “Someone get this kid some coloring books and crayons!”

That’s not the only photo posted of Sophia that had fans concerned for her over the holidays. She’s also seen playing with even more makeup in this Instagram video. And Sophia has a photo of herself on the same pink Christmas set that Farrah had her photo shoot on — but she’s seen sitting by herself with no other family around, which worried her followers.

Farrah’s followers are worried about Sophia’s mental health

Farrah’s followers freely criticize the Teen Mom star on her social media, but they have deeper concerns for her daughter. Farrah posted a video to Sophia’s Instagram of the mother-daughter duo speaking together on a podcast, but Sophia’s talking and body language were truly bizarre. Sophia’s followers seemed to take it as a sign that the 9-year-old was incredibly uncomfortable and thus was reverting back to a more childlike state. Either way, many were disturbed.

That’s not the first time fans have commented on Sophia’s baby talk, either. One follower commented on the photo of Sophia sitting in the pink Christmas display with, “This little girl is going to have major problems and she does already. Mental health alert.” Others have stood up for Sophia, though, as one follower added, “It’s one thing to hate her mother but to hate on a child? I pray nobody ever attacks any of your children like you guys attack Sophia.” We can’t imagine anyone having entire conversations and opinions about us at 9 years old — and others are worried all of the comments left on the Instagram posts are also affecting Sophia negatively.

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