Fans Are Fuming From Farrah Abraham’s Recent Workout Video She Posted to Instagram

We’ve been following Farrah Abraham ever since she first attained fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. She furthered her reality TV career with several seasons of Teen Mom OG, and while she was let go from MTV, she’s still managed to maintain quite a following despite all of the controversy that continues to surround her. From her parenting tactics to her choices regarding her businesses and personal life, fans can’t seem to look away from Farrah. And the star seemed to cause particular uproar over a recent Instagram video depicting a workout she does with her friend.

So, why are fans upset if it’s just another celebrity workout video? There’s a particular reason — and here it is.

Farrah Abraham recently posted more about her plastic surgery

Farrah loves to stay candid with her fans, and she’s also been very vocal about her love of plastic surgery. She’s a huge advocate for tweaking her body with fillers and less-involved procedures, it seems, as she’s always posting videos and photos of what she’s getting done next to Instagram. And more recently, she posted a video getting injections in her behind for rounder glutes.

“FLAWLESS FRIDAY @flawlessvegas OUR 1 YEAR BOOTY ANNIVERSARY,” Farrah captioned the post. And we’re sure we’ll get plenty more content like this in the future, too, as Farrah’s also stated on The Hollywood Pipeline podcast that she wishes she had more procedures done when she was younger. “I regret not getting more. I think it’s good. I always say it’s better to prevent when you’re younger than when you’re older and you’ve let yourself go,” she stated. “I just want to seem youthful and plump and be happy. I don’t want to ever look like I have bags because I do stay up late, and I do work a lot,” Farrah added.

She also posted a no-gym workout routine she recommends

It wasn’t long after the video of her recent plastic surgery procedure when she posted another video — but this time, it was of a workout she recommends performing with a friend on the beach. Farrah’s featured in her video with her friend, Carissa, and the two note that workouts that require no gym equipment are the perfect way to stay fit while traveling. They then go on to perform an ab exercise to assist with the “legs,” “tummy,” and “bum,” as Farrah says.

The video received backlash for way more reasons than one. Plenty of fans noted that the exercise didn’t look difficult to perform at all, as Carissa didn’t crunch all the way up to get the full ab extension that one could typically achieve with this type of exercise. “Just stop trying to act like you no things. The girl barely gets off the ground,” one of Farrah’s followers commented. Another criticized the video by saying, “That’s not how you count the reps correctly.”

Here’s why fans are enraged

While the workout itself doesn’t look effective for many of Farrah’s followers to try, it seems they’re more up in arms due to Farrah also recently posting about her plastic surgery. Since fans know that Farrah enhances her body via buyable procedures, many were angry that she would act like any of her assets are naturally achievable through exercise.

“Is she into working out cause I know she got surgery for butts and abs and everything lol,” one fan commented. And Inquisitr notes another fan slammed Farrah by saying, “People that pay for a body, shouldn’t be giving workout lessons on how to achieve that body. That’s called false advertisement.”

In Farrah’s defense, it seems she does workout quite often, as she’s posted many videos in the past of her boxing with a trainer. It seems as long as she’s also posting plastic surgery videos, however, the backlash won’t let up.

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