Fans are Going Wild Over This One Item Jill Duggar Likes to Buy Online

Jill Duggar may have married Derick Dillard several years ago now, but she wants fans to know that time hasn’t weakened her bond with her love. In fact, she wrote an entire blog post dedicated to her relationship with Dillard and gave some of her personal tips for keeping things sassy and exciting to fans. One of her biggest tips is buying lingerie to spice things up. It sure sounds like Jill might be perusing some websites that are not on the Duggar-approved list.

Jill offered fans some tips to keep their sex lives fresh

To keep things fresh and exciting, Jill suggests buying surprise presents for the husband. Those presents come in the form of lingerie and she thinks they make a perfect gift for any occasion. She also notes that the purchases don’t need to be confined to a holiday. She notes vacations, Christmas, birthdays or just “whenever” are the perfect time to pull out something new.

To procure her bedroom attire, the mother of two apparently utilizes online shops. She notes that buying online makes things super easy and super convenient. It also probably helps her avoid some strange looks around Arkansas. After all, this is the family that is known for their modest swimwear, so seeing Jill in a Victoria’s Secret store would absolutely warrant a double take.

Jill probably isn’t buying used and saving the difference

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have insisted that they became financially stable by buying used and saving the difference. In their early years, the family regularly stopped by garage sales and frequented thrift stores to keep their family of 19 in clothing. Sure, the kids never looked particularly stylish but it helped them live debt free.

Jill Duggar
Jill Duggar Dillard | Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The secondhand shopping sure seems like a thing of the past now. The family has made millions from their television shows and real estate business, but insist they were able to make their finances work through buying used. It’s safe to assume that Jilly Bean isn’t stopping by the secondhand shops to get her lingerie. The former reality TV star didn’t share her favorite shopping spots with fans, unfortunately.

Fans are surprised Jill is being so open about her sexuality

The Duggar family is known for having 19 kids, but they aren’t known for being particularly progressive. After all, they follow some pretty strict rules when it comes to dating, courtship, and engagement. Most fans just assume that sexuality is a forbidden topic, or, at the very least, the family prefers to keep bedroom matters private. Jill, one of the Duggar girls who has chosen to don pants instead of skirts, isn’t shy about discussing things.

Aside from telling her fans that buying sexy lingerie helps her keep things fresh in the bedroom, she also clued fans into how often she and her law-student husband do the deed. Jill told her fans that “3 to 4 times a week is a good start”, according to People. We bet that’s more than you wanted to know about Jill and Derick’s sex life!