Fans Are Hilariously Trolling Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on Twitter

Ryan Reynolds is famous on social media for his hilarious take on parenting. He regularly delivers comedy gold in 280 characters or less. For example, in 2017 he tweeted this about taking his daughter to the beach: “My daughter loves being buried up to her neck in sand at the beach. Her little face lights up when I come back to get her the next day.” 

Despite the fact that he often tweets about what it’s like to be a parent, fans almost never get to see pics of Reynolds’ actual children. He has two daughters with Blake Lively, and now we’ve found out that the couple welcomed a third child this summer. At least, we think.  

Reynolds and Lively have kept this baby under wraps

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively on the red carpet
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

We’re almost certain it’s a baby, but even the announcement Reynolds and Lively posted was cryptic. The picture, which Reynolds posted to twitter, shows he and Lively in the woods, embracing around a tiny baby shaped bundle.

The little figure is dressed in a thick winter coat, and the face is poorly covered by a pink blob with a smiley face. 

The caption reads:

I love B.C. 🇨🇦 I want my daughters to experience the same natural playground I grew up in. On Oct. 21, the candidate you vote for will SHAPE CLIMATE POLICY. I’m proud of the climate progress made the last 4 years. Click for voting info. #Capilano

Fans have altered the picture 

We think that this was Reynolds way of saying he and Lively have added a new member to their little family. Fans speculate that it’s another girl, because of the caption. We don’t know much about the baby, except that she joins Reynolds and Lively’s other children, daughters Inez, 2, and James, 4.

Fans are giving Reynolds a taste of his own deadpan, salty humor in response to the vague announcement. With tweets like “Your baby has blake’s smile,” fans are poking fun at the popular celebrity couple. Responses like “she looks just like you” are common replies to the tweet, which currently has over 84 thousand likes. 

Even better, they’re photoshopping over the face Reynolds’ painted. Some fans have posted pictures of the baby with the face of Deadpool, the sarcastic superhero played by Reynolds.

Other fans put Hugh Jackman‘s face on the baby. Jackman and Reynolds are famous for pranking one another. 

The young parents are trying to protect their children’s privacy 

While the photo edits are fun, Reynolds and Lively are trying to protect their baby’s privacy for the right reasons. Even though they’re both household names, they don’t want their children growing up in the spotlight. 

Reynolds had a very normal childhood, and he wants to provide that for the girls.

According to Lively, “Ryan had a nice, normal upbringing, and we want our kids to have the same normal life that we had. We don’t ever want to rob them of what we had, because we’d feel really selfish.”

It seems like they’re doing a good job at shielding their children from the press so far, considering no one knew about their latest bundle of joy until Reynolds posted his announcement.

They’ve made it clear that their children will make their own decisions about when and how they release their own images. Fans are okay with it. If anything, it’s a good thing. Hopefully Reynolds’ poor attempts at hiding his children’s faces will make for future trolling opportunities.

One thing is certain. Even though we haven’t seen this baby’s face, with good looking parents like Reynolds and Lively, she’s bound to be adorable.