Fans Are Slamming Danielle Busby From ‘OutDaughtered’ for Her Latest Instagram Post

There are plenty of famous families on reality TV, but the Busbys continue to keep it real. Adam and Danielle Busby are the ultra down-to-earth couple starring on OutDaughtered, and they have quite an interesting story when it comes to how they had the first set of all-female quintuplets in the United States. Danielle has discussed in the past how she had trouble getting pregnant with both of her pregnancies, but with the help of treatment (and many prayers), she found herself preparing for five additional daughters to join the family.

Fans love watching Adam and Danielle navigate life with their big family, but it seems Danielle’s followers are slamming her for her recent post on Instagram. Here’s why.

Danielle and Adam Busby recently posted sponsored content to their Instagram

Adam and Danielle Busby’s Instagram account is typically just full of adorable photos of their six daughters (the quintuplets plus their older daughter). But more recently, it seems the family may be expanding their social media to include sponsored content. The couple posted a video showing Danielle preparing a quick breakfast for the kids — and she mentions she’s warming up Smithfield Sausage Biscuits for an easy and delicious meal that can be taken on the go.

“We love the Smithfield Sausage Biscuits,” Danielle begins saying in her video, “’cause I can put five of them in the microwave. … Kids are in the carseat buckling up, two minutes for five biscuits to warm up, and I love these because it’s on the go but it’s also got, like, protein in it and it’s super easy.” The kids are seen enjoying the breakfast at the end of the video, too.

Fans are worried that what she’s promoting could hurt her kids

Some fans take issue when their favorite reality stars start pushing sponsored content, and the Busbys can’t escape this criticism, either. As one follower commented, “It is just a plug for free food! Celebrities rarely pay full price or any price for things because of these. It is why they mention the brand of almost everything they touch.” And others mentioned the biscuits are way too processed to be healthy and kids should learn to eat real food that’s “not from a box.”

And the critique didn’t end there. Instagram followers are slamming Danielle for promoting eating in the car. As one follower mentioned, “Looks great but kids eating in the car… what if they choke on dry biscuit or too big of a bite? I don’t let kids eat in the car for this very reason. Makes me uneasy.” And another echoed this sentiment with, “I won’t let kids eat in the car.”

This isn’t the first time Adam and Danielle Busby were slammed for their parenting

Adam and Danielle Busby are probably used to getting critiqued for their parenting, as it’s far from the first time fans have shamed them for their choices. In Touch Weekly reminds us Adam was slammed for playing pranks on his young daughters, and other fans took offense that the Busby’s pool seemed to not be fenced in. The Busbys have addressed the criticism as best as they could, though — and they haven’t let it get to them too much. They’re still sharing their daily lives with their fans and continuing with the show, as In Touch Weekly notes the new season of OutDaughtered is premiering this June.

Will the Busbys address any fan concerns on Instagram or on the show? We’ll have to wait and find out — but we’re not holding our breath.

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