Fans Are Slamming Kristina Schulman for Her ‘Unbelievably Rude’ Attitude on ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

From tears to fights to heartbreak, we’ve already seen it all on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. And while Kristina Schulman has been looking for love in Paradise in the past, it seems she hasn’t found Mr. Right just yet. Schulman has garnered many fans over the years, especially since she’s had her heart broken publicly in the past — but now, fans are turning against her. After her conversations with Blake Horstmann and Caitlin Clemmens, it seems many think she’s being way too sneaky and conniving on the beach.

It seems Schulman’s followers have now taken to Instagram to slam her for her supposed bad attitude on the beach, too. Here’s what they’re commenting on her latest posts.

Kristina Schulman and Blake Horstmann keep saving each other from leaving Paradise

Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman
Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

When this season of Bachelor in Paradise first started, it was Blake Horstmann in the hot seat. Horstmann hooked up with both Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman while at Stagecoach Festival, and while Miller-Keyes is certainly not the best of friends with Horstmann now, it seems he and Schulman remained close. So far, Schulman gave Horstmann rose so he could stay on the beach following his fallout with Hannah Godwin. And Horstmann returned the favor to Schulman by giving her his rose when she seemingly didn’t have any men interested in her.

This move sparked a ton of controversy over Paradise fans, and Refinery29 notes Schulman addressed the situation on Twitter. “Blake and I have been friends for the past year, yes I give him s*** and he’s very well aware but he came on the show to find love & I believed he deserved to stay,” she tweeted.

Schulman is receiving a ton of hate mail from fans

While Schulman certainly has her reasons for staying close to Horstmann without advancing romantically, fans aren’t having it. And it seems her supportive reaction to Horstmann sharing his texts with Miller-Keyes on Instagram also didn’t garner her much love. Cosmopolitan notes she took to her Instagram Story recently to share how she’s been receiving hateful messages and death threats over the situation.

“After last night’s episode of ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ I was in shock about how much hate mail I got. But that’s not what struck me the most—what did is how many Blake haters are out there (who don’t even know him personally!),” she wrote. Schulman then added that all of the contestants on the show opened up their “lives,” “hearts,” and “minds” to viewers for entertainment, and anyone on the show receiving death threats of any kind is totally unacceptable. “If you can’t handle it, turn off your TV or watch FRIENDS on Netflix. Thank you to those who CHOOSE to spread love and not hate,” she added.

Fans took to Instagram to tell her how they really feel

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smiling is my favorite

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Despite Schulman’s plea to spread love instead of hate, fans still can’t stand her attitude in Paradise. It seems her most recent spat with Caitlin Clemmens, the woman who Horstmann told was getting his rose, really set fans off. After Clemmens and Schulman shared a war of words, Schulman convinced Horstmann that he wasn’t that into Clemmens anyway — and with that, he sent Clemmens packing and saved Schulman.

Fans are calling Schulman “unbelievably rude” on her latest Instagram photo, too. “I loved you since day 1, but after watching you this season that’s changing real quick. You’re being terrible on this show. How would you like it if this was being done to you? Move on & let Blake be. (With Caitlin & not you),” another follower wrote. Yet another commented, “Omg your obsession with Blake is a sickness.” And another follower added, “I can’t believe your behavior, sorry but you aren’t better than anyone else.”

Will Schulman address these comments, too? We’ll have to wait and see — but hopefully, she can redeem her reality TV demeanor in the future.

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